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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - January 11, 2019




BANJALUKA - BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik has said he will advocate for improving the status of Serb members of the BiH Armed Forces as there is no a Serb holding one of five most important positions in these forces and the BiH Ministry of Defence, which must be changed.

BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic emphasized today that love of its people and the power of its institutions keep Srpska safe, and that the basic task for everyone needs to be peace and stability. "Republika Srpska needs to last forever, therefore we must protect our institutions and develop and improve Srpska," Cvijanovic said in her address at the Kozara Barracks at Christmas reception organised by the 6th Infantry Brigade Command with the commands and units of the Armed Forces of BiH.

BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska National Assembly Speaker Nedeljko Cubrilovic said that the Serb people in BiH won freedom and right to Srpska, which was confirmed by the Dayton Peace Agreement, thus will not ask anyone which holidays to celebrate.

NOVI GRAD – Memorial service was held, wreaths were laid and candles were lit today to mark 26 years since the death of 56 soldiers of the 4th Battalion of the Novi Grad Brigada, who were killed by the members of the 5th Corps of the so-called BiH Army at the Suva Medja battlefield.

ISTOCNO NOVO SARAJEVO – In the municipality of Istocno Novo Sarajevo, memorial service was held and flowers were laid at the memorial to the first interior minister of the former Serb Autonomous Area /SAO/ Romanija, Zoran Cvijetic, who was killed by the members of so-called BiH Army 25 years ago.

ISTOCNO SARAJEVO/HAN PIJESAK - Mayor of Han Pijesak municipality Vlado Ostojic today declared an emergency situation in this local community due to natural disaster caused by heavy snowfall, the Republic Administration of Civil Protection announced. Part of Han Pijesak is without water due to a malfunction at the Stekavac water source "Štekavac", Vlado Ostojc, the mayor, told SRNA. There is no central heating due to the rupture of the hot water pipes.


SARAJEVO - Security expert Dzevad Galijasevic told SRNA that parajemats in BiH are stronger nowadays than before and that they still mobilize people because there are no measures of either religious or state institutions that would show the intention to abolish these parallel jemats.

SARAJEVO - Permanent European Parliament Rapporteur for BiH Christian Dan Preda said today in Sarajevo that the one cannot become the EU member by going to Russia and meeting President Vladimir Putin, and urged political representatives in BiH to come to Strasbourg and Brussels more often and co-operate with European officials.

BANJALUKA - BiH Human Rights Ombudsman Jasminka Dzumhur said today that the level of democracy in BiH is getting lower every year.


BELGRADE - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic has stated after separate meetings with Serbian President and Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic and Ana Brnabic, in Belgrade that it has been confirmed today that Serbia is a sincere friend of Srpska, as well as a continuation of cooperation through the implementation of concrete projects.

BELGRADE - Prime ministers of Serbia and Republika Srpska, Ana Brnabic and Radovan Viskovic, today jointly assessed at a meeting in Belgrade that Serbia – Srpska relations are excellent and that both sides are committed to further strengthening of co-operation in all fields.

BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will chair a session of the National Security Council tomorrow in Belgrade, and one of the topics is the new state measures in system and systematic confrontation with crime and corruption.

BELGRADE - Serbian Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin said that the Agreement on Military Technical Cooperation between Serbia and Russia is extremely successful and that, if necessary, the military cooperation will be discussed.


ZAGREB - Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic is a favourite for the new presidential mandate in Croatia, and would win former Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic in the second round, show the latest poll of the public opinion. /end/vos