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SARAJEVO, February 11 /SRNA/ - Serb delegate in the BiH House of Peoples Dusanka Majkic told Srna the booing of BiH Presidency Chair Milorad Dodik and every mention of Republika Srpska during the opening ceremony of the European Youth Olympic Festival /EYOF 2019/ on Sunday sent a very bad message to the world.


"Unfortunately, we can only make a conclusion that the Federation Sarajevo failed to use a single chance it had at the EYOF opening ceremony to show it was a city worthy of such an event,” said Majkic.

In her opinion, instead of Dodik’s words pronounced at the Stadium Asim Ferhatovic Hase representing a victory of all and the Olympic flame contributing to the maintenance of peace in BiH, young athletes from Europe will carry the memory of BiH as a country without enough self-respect.

Majkic notes that the country which is obviously unable to present itself at a gathering of young athletes in the best possible manner does not deserve to host it either.

"All those boos are also a message to Republika Srpska, despite its good intentions of sending a message about a BiH better than what it actually is, the other and different will never be accepted by the Sarajevo ‘casbah’,” said Majkic.

EYOF is the biggest Olympic event for young athletes aged 14-18 which is held every two years as a summer and winter festival, and this year’s hosts are the cities Istocno Sarajevo and Sarajevo.

Young athletes from 46 European countries, more than 1,500 of them will compete in eight sports - alpine skiing, biathlon, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, speed skating, hockey and curling. /end/ds