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BANJALUKA, February 11 /SRNA/ - This year, 1,045 migrants entered Bosnia and Herzegovina and increased movement has been registered in the area of Gradiska, Prijedor and Banjaluka, Director of Republika Srpska Darko Culum told Srna.


Culum stated after a meeting of the Operational Staff for Migration Issues in Sarajevo that 868 of the migrants who entered BiH since the beginning of the year intend to apply for asylum.

According to the data supplied by security institutions, there are now 3,940 migrants in BiH, he said.

"Lately we have seen an increased presence of migrants in the area of Gradiska, Prijedor and Banjaluka, from where they are seeking a way out so that they can move to the EU. No major incidents have been recorded apart from disturbing the local population, but migrants are extremely nervous and rude in contacts with police officers,” emphasised Culum.

He recalled that the police had a big problem regarding the prosecution of migrants breaking the law.

"They have to be prosecuted regardless of whether their identity is known or not. This year, we registered four criminal offences by migrants, and the police of Republika Srpska detected a criminal offence related to the smuggling of migrants,” said Culum and added that he would insist with partner agencies to regulate the prosecution issue.

Culum stated that the Operational Staff had made a conclusion to provide migrants with adequate health, humanitarian and other care during their stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. /end/ds