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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - February 12, 2019




BANJALUKA - The bill on amendments to the Law on Crafts and Entrepreneurship stipulates the terms and procedures for online registration of entrepreneurs, said Minister of Trade and Entrepreneurship of Republika Srpska Vjekoslav Petricevic. The National Assembly discussed the bill on amendments to the Law on Companies, which aims to continue the reform in accordance with the Government commitment to allow a possibility of applying for the registration of foundation and changes in business entities online.


SARAJEVO - The caretaking Council of Ministers on Tuesday defined the bill on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions with the mark EI as a confirmation of certain compliance with the EU legislation.

SARAJEVO - A total of 997 illegal migrants were reported to the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs of BiH between January 1 and February 7, mostly from Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Algeria and Morocco, reads a migration report by the Ministry of Security which the caretaking Council of Ministers took cognizance of on Tuesday.

SARAJEVO - Caretaking Minister of Civil Affairs Adil Osmanovic voiced expectations that the World Health Organisation /WHO/ will keep supporting the activities carried out to accommodate a large number of migrants, especially bearing in mind the predicted new wave of migrants after winter.

SARAJEVO - The new US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson took the oath of office, reports the Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina.


SARAJEVO - Sarajevo Canton Minister of Internal Affairs Admir Katica voiced pleasure with the successful police search for multiple killer Edin Gacic who no longer poses a threat to people.


BELGRADE - Serbian Minister of Justice Nela Kuburovic is visiting Zagreb on Wednesday where she will meet with her Croatian counterpart Drazen Bosnjakovic and leader of the Serb National Council Milorad Pupovac.

PRISTINA - Prime Minister of self-declared Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj said there are no sanctions that could make him revoke the customs tariffs on goods from central Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


PODGORICA - Durmitor National Park had 220,211 tourists last year, 19 percent more than in 2017, reports the Director of the Montenegrin National Parks Elvir Klica. /end/ds



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