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SARAJEVO, February 20 /SRNA/ - The Una-Sana Canton Interior Ministry confirmed to SRNA that arrest warrant was issued against underage migrant from Pakistan who is infected with HIV and was reported for rape in Bihac, while it is believed he left BiH.


"According to the information we receive on the ground from the migrants themselves, this person has left the territory of BiH," said spokesman for the cantonal MoI, Ale Siljdedic, adding that the migrant has gone without trace since February 8.

He pointed out that the police had done their part of the job, and that the competent services should be asked why the person was not put under surveillance and deported.

"We keep monitoring the situation on the ground and if there is any information that this person is in the Una-Sana Canton AOR, we are going to act upon the arrest warrant and put him under surveillance again," added Siljdedic.

He stated that on December 10 last year. a woman from Bihac reported that this particular migrant raped her, while this criminal offense was later qualified as an intercourse with an incapable person in view of the psycho-physical condition of the victim.

According to him, the Una-Sana Canton Police identified the suspect and forwarded the report to the Una-Sana Canton Prosecutor's Office.

"After that, the procedure was fully conducted and the Bihac Municipal Court issued a legal measure of the educational supervision by the Social Work Centre, as well as a mandatory medical treatment measure at the Infectious Diseases Ward, i.e. HIV Ward," added Siljdedic.

According to him, the migrant was escorted to a hospital in Sarajevo, where he was treated, and shortly afterwards he left the hospital and was taken over by the members of the Service for Foreigner’s Affairs.

"After that, he was placed in the Usivak centre in Hadzici, where he was supposed to be under the supervision of this Service and in the process of deportation from BiH," he added.

Siljdedic said that the above mentioned person willingly left this Centre and that the Federal Police Administration issued arrest warrant against him on February 7, but the police found him in the Bira camp in Bihac on February 8.

"The Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, which took over the above mentioned person, was informed on everything. However, according to the information I now possess, the migrant is not under the supervision of the Service and he has gone without trace since the date mentioned above and is not at the AOR of this canton", said the spokesman of the Una-Sana Canton Interior Ministry. /end/vos