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ISTOCNO SARAJEVO, February 20 /SRNA/ - Chairman of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik stated Wednesday in Istocno Sarajevo that Serb representatives in the BiH institutions are doing all in their power to maintain peace and stability and ensure the achievement of compromise on all outstanding issues, but without the meddling of foreigners.


"It is our policy to abolish the function of the High Representative as soon as possible so that BiH can create the conditions to be able to act independently in the international political scene. It is also our policy to remove foreign judges from the BiH Constitutional Court who made dubious decisions, mostly to the detriment of Serbs,” Dodik told the press.

The goal is also for BiH to fill out the European Commission Questionnaire and submit the relevant answers as soon as possible so that it can draft the Opinion and we can move forward in the process of European integration, said Dodik.

According to him, the Serb side fully advocates the policy of halting all NATO related activities as it is not in the interest of Serbs and Republika Srpska.

"Those are our clear policies in these times. They will determine our activities in the future. There are others in BiH who think differently, and there are also issues we can agree on,” said the Serb member of the Presidency.

Dodik recalled that the issue of forming the joint-level authorities remained open and emphasised that the failure to establish the authorities damaged BiH itself the most.

"We were in Brussels and we were told there that the establishment of authorities in BiH was conditioned with nothing, neither the NATO path nor the Membership Action Plan, nor the questionnaires nor anything else, and that we only needed to form the authorities as soon as possible. That is exactly how I understood it, and how others understood it, you can ask them,” stated Dodik. /end/ds