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ISTOCNO SARAJEVO, March 14 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Milorad Dodik sent a letter to the leader of the BiH Islamic Community Husein Kavazovic pointing out that institutions of Republika Srpska are doing all in their power to provide security to Muslims as well as other citizens and would like to see the same efforts invested in the other part of the country.


"I very much appreciate that you as a religious leader are concerned about the security of your faithful and demand that all those who pose a threat to their security or the security of their property be prosecuted. Your position obliges you to do that.

“Information I currently have says that institutions of Republika Srpska, which you specifically reference in your letter, are doing all they can to ensure security to the Muslims as well as all other citizens of Republika Srpska and their property,” Dodik writes in his letter.

He points out that no violence, whether it be of ethnic, religious or some other kind, is or will be tolerated in Republika Srpska, reports the office of the BiH Presidency Serb member.

"Institutions ought to do their job and neither is the chief of the Islamic community nor a member of the BiH presidency, or anyone else from the legislative authority supposed to urge them to do that. Laws in Republika Srpska oblige institutions to act against any individual who fails to observe those laws and I would like it if it were the same in the other part of BiH,” emphasised Dodik.

He wants to believe Kavazovic unintentionally wrote that paramilitary formations were lining up in Republika Srpska, as there is no such information in Srpska itself.

"For the sake of peace, co-existence and tolerance, both you and we should be mindful of the terminology we use in such letters because this correspondence is supposed to call for peace and security. I am certain you will agree with me in saying that it is pointless to arouse anxiety with false information, while calling for peace,” Dodik says in the letter to Kavazovic.

Dodik adds he would be grateful if Kavazovic emphasised with the same consideration the need for a peaceful life and security of non-Muslims in the Federation of BiH, who have for the past years often been attacked or subjected to all kinds of unpleasant situations, specifically referring to Serb returnees.

"I am certain each of us from our own position will do all we can in the future to have peace and mutual respect in these parts,” the Serb member of the BiH Presidency stated in the letter to the leader of the Islamic Community in BiH. /end/ds