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DOBOJ, March 14 /SRNA/ - SNSD Leader Milorad Dodik said today that the names of candidates for the positions in power at the BiH level, including the Council of Ministers, cannot be discussed, but that the Serb group led by the SNSD will propose Zoran Tegeltija for the position of Council of Ministers chair.


Dodik told reporters in Doboj that everything else is a matter of agreement.

"We cannot talk about this now as the distribution of ministries in the Council of Ministers has not ended yet. Talking about the names is not realistic," Dodik said.

When it comes to his earlier statement that technical formulations of power were completed at the level of BiH and that this would be a one-and-a-half-page document, Dodik said it would contain basic things regarding the constitutional order, the Dayton Peace Agreement, the reform processes, European integration, tackling crime...

Asked if BiH needs the new constitution, Dodik, who is the BiH Presidency chairman, answered that BiH needs many things, which is a big topic to discuss.

He did not want to comment on the allegations made by caretaker Security Minister Dragan Mektic that Croatia tried to slip weapons in BiH through certain salafi communities.

"I do not comment on Mektic," said Dodik. /end/vos