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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - March 14, 2019




BANJALUKA - The Republika Srpska National Assembly adopted the 2019 work program which stipulates the passage of 145 acts, of which 92 are legislative ones and 53 are thematic wholes. The Assembly on Thursday adopted a bill amending and supplementing the law on higher education which extends the deadline to finish studies by the end of this/next year for students who are enrolled in undergraduate studies and got the status of senior undergraduate students in the academic year 2017/2018. The Republika Srpska National Assembly reviewed a report on obligations of BiH/Republika Srpska stemming from the EU accession process with a review of measures and activities implemented in 2018 and on results Republika Srpska achieved in harmonizing its regulations with that of the EU. The BiH Ombudsman Ljubinko Mitrovic said on Thursday in Banjaluka that BiH institutions must do everything in their power in order to be able to face the problem of migrants and that 60,000 migrants are expected to arrive in BiH this year.

BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic stressed at today’s meeting with Franz Schausberger, a Special Advisor to the European Commission for the Western Balkans, in Bucharest that Srpska is committed to the European path and underlined the need to form a new Council of Ministers as soon as possible.

DOBOJ - The Chairman of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, and the Ambassador of China to BiH, Ji Ping, on Thursday laid a cornerstone for the construction of a new hospital in Doboj, worth a total of KM 88,568,717 without VAT, which will be built by the China Sinopharm Corporation in keeping with a turnkey contract.

DOBOJ - The Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, expressed satisfaction with the laying of a cornerstone for the construction of a new hospital in Doboj, which, in terms of finances, is a large project, and, in terms of significance, is a strategic project for Republika Srpska and the city.

DOBOJ - The Republika Srpska Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Alen Seranic, said that the beginning of construction of a new hospital is an important day for Doboj and the Republika Srpska health system and that the Government, together with its Chinese partners, will continue to invest in infrastructure and equipment in hospitals.

BANJALUKA - There have been attempts to prove that some 120,000 Serbs had to leave Sarajevo under political pressure even though Serbs in the city were abused, tortured and killed in numerous prison camps, says Dusko Milunovic, head of the Committee for Nurturing the Traditions of Liberation Wars.

BANJALUKA - The Republika Srpska Government today adopted a draft bill amending and supplementing the law on protection from domestic violence which enables victims of domestic violence to get an appropriate and timely aid and support, additionally improved in keeping with international standards.

ISTOCNO SARAJEVO - The acting director of the Serbia Hospital in Istocno Sarajevo, Nebojsa Seslija, told SRNA that patients will start moving from the old to a new hospital on Monday, March 18 and that the new hospital is fitted with the most contemporary equipment.

TREBINJE - The Republika Srpska Electric Power Company /ERS/ last year had a profit of KM 16.5 million, and all companies, except for the Ugljevik Mine and Thermal Power Plant /RiTE/ had positive business results, the ERS director general, Luka Petrovic, told SRNA on Thursday.


DOBOJ - SNSD president Milorad Dodik said on Thursday that for the time being he cannot speak about names of candidates for offices at the level of BiH, including the Council of Ministers, but that the Serb group headed by the SNSD will propose Zoran Tegeltija for the chairman of the Council.

SARAJEVO - The Chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers in a caretaking capacity, Denis Zvizdic, and the Ambassador of Romania to BiH, Dana Constantinescu, agreed that business forums and meetings between Romanian and BiH businessmen and more active cooperation between the two countries’ chambers of commerce would be very important.

SARAJEVO - It is estimated that 1,018 sq kilometers in 129 municipalities in BiH are polluted with mines and cluster ammunition, says the Mine Action Center.


BELGRADE - Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says that Great Britain does not benefit much from its support to /self-declared/ Kossovo and that Belgrade must try to find a common interest with London in the future.

BELGRADE - The security situation in Kossovo and Metohija is relatively stable, and the security situation is stable but somewhat risky in the land security zone along the administrative border with Kossovo, Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said on Thursday.

BELGRADE - Political analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic says that a statement by the rapporteur of the European Parliament, David McAllister, that Russia should get involved in negotiations on Kossovo and Metohija, shows that the European concept of resolving the Kossovo issue failed.

PRISTINA - Baskim Ndrecaj, of Suva Reka, a former member of the terrorist Kossovo Liberation Army, was summoned by the Special Prosecutor’s Office of the newly formed court at The Hague which will try perpetrators of crimes committed in Kossovo and Metohija, sources in the Kossovo Police Service told SRNA.


PODGORICA - Montenegrin police seized cigarettes worth a total of 200,000 Euros and arrested two persons in two separate police operations. /end/sg