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ISTOCNO SARAJEVO, March 18 /SRNA/ - More than 150 skiers from China stayed on Mount Jahorina during the winter season in preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics in their own country, the Jahorina Olympic Centre reported on Monday.


The Olympic Centre points out that, in addition to recreational skiers, this year Jahorina attracted professional skiers from China who were fascinated by the natural beauty and conditions for winter sports on the mountain, so they booked all the remaining accommodation capacity until the end of the skiing season.

"The vicinity of an international airport and a visa-free regime between Bosnia and Herzegovina and China are definitely some of the advantages that drew the Chinese skiers to Jahorina, but the most important feature is the ideally made trails for Alpine and Nordic skiing,” reads a press release from the company.

The company notes that positive comments of Chinese skiers as well as an excellent evaluation Jahorina received for its organisation of the European Youth Olympic Festival will definitely improve the overall image of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s tourism around the world.

The Olympic Centre adds that the next big challenge for Jahorina will be the organisation of Europa Cup which will definitely rank the mountain among Europe’s top skiing destinations. /end/ds