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DERVENTA, March 18 /SRNA/ - The book "Dossier Sarajevo" by Milivoje Ivanisevic, containing names of 7,428 Serb war victims in Sarajevo, as well as the names of their executors, no one of whom has been prosecuted, was presented this evening at the Derventa Cultural Centre.


Ivanisevic who is a longtime head of the Institute for Research on Suffering of the Serbs in the 20th century, recalled his stay in Derventa ten years ago when he promoted the book "Serb Victims of Derventa".

"We want to outline facts that are quite colliding with what is known to the public, what mass media spread, and what we could not beat. Falsehood always easily gets into someone’s head. I held back to the main counts of the indictment that charge us in the Sarajevo case," Ivanisevic told reporters.

He says he is disputing the counts of indictments related to the shelling, that there was no blockade of the city or ethnic cleansing, and comparing both parts of Sarajevo under control of the Serbs and Muslims.

There were 123 prison camps for Serbs and 28 mass graves containing Serb victims found in the Muslim part of Sarajevo, while there was no prison camp for Muslims and mass graves in the Serb part of Sarajevo. The Serbs in the Muslim part were not allowed to leave the city, while we let people willing to leave, leave. These are common factographies, and those who reasonably and seriously compare these facts will understand the situation related to Sarajevo; it is reverse story from the one launched during the war," Ivanisevic added.

He said that NATO carried out a terrible air strike on the part of Sarajevo under Serb control, dropping more bombs per square kilometer than during the bombing of Yugoslavia.

In addition to the names of the victims, the book contains numerous gut-wrenching testimonies by Serbs captured in Sarajevo, disputing the Hague indictments.

The publisher of the book is the Christian thought "Svecanik" from Belgrade, whose editor, Milorad Sredojevic, a priest, said that the goal of the published book was to witness the time and to serve the truth.

"The book needs to serve as a reminder to be aware of where we live, beside who we live, to be more cautious, to serve the truth and justice. Ivanisevic authored about 40 books. This one describes events from the past war. He is a chronicler of the time and space hit by the storm of cruel history. The book contains names of 7,500 Serb victims, from a little girl Natasa Ucur, who was only seven years old when killed, to 86-yeart-old lady," Sredojevic said.

He adds they were guilty only for being Serbs, the people who believe in God and were baptized.

The book's preface was written by Professor Smilja Avramov and Doctor Radovan Karadzic. /end/vos