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SREMSKA KAMENICA, MARCH, 23 /SRNA/ - Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić announced today that Republika Srpska is a Dayton’s and a constitutional category, and that Radovan Karadžić's verdict cannot mean its abolition.


"Those who imagine that Radovan Karadžić 's verdict may mean the abolition of the Republika Srpska, my answer is that the Republika Srpska is a Dayton and a constitutional category," Vučić told reporters in Sremska Kamenica, where he visited the Radio Television of Vojvodina /RTV/, which damaged in NATO aggression.

He reminded that in accordance with the Dayton Agreement, which one of the guarantors is Serbia, there will be no abolition of Republika Srpska.

"It is the central and absolutely most important issue, and this is reaction of Serbia",Vučić pointed out.

Vučić said he has saw reactions from the entire region to the first instance and second instance verdict of Karadžić, who were primarily concerned not with Radovan Karadzic, but with Republika Srpska.

"And about what is the Hague Tribunal, we have already talked about it numerous times",Vučić added.

He said that Serbia must look to the future and its own development, Serbia must think about how to build itself and its strength both political and economic and every other, and there is not political strength without economic power. /end/bo