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BELGRADE, April 15 /SRNA/ - BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik states that permanent peace in the Balkans is not possible as long as the issue of borders and "seizing of the territory" exists, thus re-defining, i.e. uniting the areas populated by majority dominant nations, is required.


"We, here, are an experiment not allowing peoples to set the borders in a historical manner in order to build their own states and then try to cooperate and build friendship, but we remained in a smoldering conflict concerning many issues. As long as the issue of borders and seized territory exists, the lasting peace cannot be provided," Dodik told "Vecernje Novosti", commenting on the idea of demarcation with the Albanians.

He stressed that Republika Srpska openly follows Belgrade's policy and accepts everything that Serbia chooses as a definitive solution.

Dodik stressed that he abides by his position that Republika Srpska will declare independence if self-declared Kosovo is granted a seat in the UN.

"We are already separated, but it has not yet been declared. BiH is an entirely divided society. The state does not function, but it is a kind of imagination. The Dayton Agreement ‘put together’ that country that has nothing in common, while we now should try to create some joint policy. This does not work," Dodik said.

He says that there is no dilemma that a geopolitical and regional movement will create a moment to make the unification of Serbia and Republika Srpska possible.

"I have no doubt this will happen, I am just afraid that either I or someone else will miss the moment," Dodik noted.

He said that, if he could, he would speed up the process of unification, but that he was not an adventurer and would not bring the people into starvation or refugee.

"Uniting the Serbs in one prosperous state of Serbia would be the most stable. We have never attacked anyone during the history, so neither would we now. That space belongs to us. How one from Sarajevo could say that Banjaluka belongs to him? It does not belong to the one, but to us, the Serbs. It feels it belongs to Serbia. Everybody believes so, and 99 percent of Serbs believe it is Serbia, while the rest may fight against it as long as they want," Dodik said.

Answering the question of whether the protests in Belgrade could experience "Euromaidan" and whether it is the Western powers’ interest, Dodik said that the primary interest of the West is to have unstable states in the region in order to intervene.

"No one wants strong leaders in the region. As soon as someone becomes one, he is destabilized as he is bothering them. Serbia now resolves the Kosovo issue and needs a strong negotiating position, but if you are internally unstable, you are not strong enough. Those protesting in the streets are not aware of misuse and abuse in this regard," Dodik said.

He stressed that he did not care about the objections due to his support to Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, stating that he supports what Vučić is doing.
"If not democratic, the authorities /in Serbia/ would order the police and the army to disperse protesters," Dodik said.

Stating that economic growth is evident in Serbia, under the conditions in which the economies in the region are stagnating or decreasing, Dodik said that Vučić is aware of the problems and reacts accordingly.

Commenting on the BiH authorities’ formation issue, Dodik said that the authorities are always paralysed and pointed out that BiH is an impossible structure, whose concept is its paralysis.

He said that this also affects Republika Srpska, but Srpska has demonstrated ability to exist in impossible conditions.

"BiH would not last two days without internationals. Let us leave and we will be a state," Dodik said.

Replying to a question whether Serbs will withdraw from the BiH Parliament and the Presidency, if the blockade continues, Dodik replied that "he will make it tactically as the best as possible".

"I like to irritate them there," Dodik said.

Asked if his adviser, filmdirector Emir Kusturica, gave him as present an umbrella with Srpska flag’s colours to take it with himself in the Presidency of BiH, Dodik said that he had given "him something and some books too" but that he did not wear it because there was no any rain.

"When he /Kusturica/ wakes up in the morning, he immediately phones and tells me about what we can expect in 10 – 15 years. He is persistent; he does not give up certain things. He is my friend, politically like-minded person, a man of undoubted authority, who can help us all," Dodik said. /end/vos