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BANJALUKA, April 15 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Radovan Višković says that the International Monetary Fund /IMF/ noted that Srpska has positive economic indicators.


“Republika Srpska has recorded a growth of GDP for 17 trimesters and I hope the growth will continue. I appreciate the IMF and their analyses,” Višković told reporters on Monday in Banjaluka.

He stressed that Republika Srpska is not to blame for the absence of an arrangement with the IMF.

“This diminishes our economic indicators since money is much more expensive in some other financial market. We are here to survive even without the IMF,” Višković said.

Regarding Republika Srpska’s debt, Višković said that everything was stipulated by the work plan.

“Nothing is alarming or dramatic as some want to present it. This year also we planned to borrow KM 380 million, but we will repay KM 488 million. We are repaying more than we are borrowing and we want it to be like that every year,” Višković said.

When asked why he did not leave for Washington, Višković said that he had not left because he did not have a visa for the US.

“I think that my trip to New York and Washington was deliberately obstructed because I would be the only prime minister from BiH there and obviously some people did not want it,” Višković said.

He says he was ready to go to Washington for a meeting with the IMF and the World Bank, but that he is not too unhappy because he did not leave.

The Republika Srpska prime minister expects to get a visa in the next few days. /end/sg