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SARAJEVO, April 15 /SRNA/ - Prosecutor Marijana Čolović said at the beginning of a trial of Gen. Atif Dudaković and another 16 members and commanders of the 5th Corps of the so-called Army of BiH that the prosecution will prove that all the accused committed crimes against humanity and that Dudaković committed war crimes against civilians.


The trial of Dudaković and others accused of crimes against Serbs in the Krajina in 1995 began on Monday before the BiH Court with the reading of an indictment and the prosecutor’s opening speech.

Čolović said that the prosecution would use witnesses’ statements to prove that a systemic attack had been carried out against Serbian civilians in the areas of Bosanski Petrovac, Ključ, Bosanska Krupa and Sanski Most from September 13 until mid October 1995 and that the operation Sana 95, under Dudaković’s command, had started on September 13.

“The aim of the attack was not only to conquer these territories which were under control of the Republika Srpska Army but to ethnically cleanse the area from the Serbian population,” Čolović said.

According to her, surviving witnesses will testify about murders and destruction of Serbian property and religious sites.

The prosecution announced the questioning of 447 witnesses, including 16 protected ones, and presentation of 1,100 pieces of evidence. /end/sg