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BELGRADE, July 11 /SRNA/ - Regarding a commemoration for Bosniaks in Potočari that will be held on Thursday, the Chairman of the Serbian Parliament’s Committee on the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region, Miodrag Linta, has said that it is very important to repeat to the international and domestic public an undisputable fact that Srebrenica cannot be reduced to 1995 only and that we should recall brutal crimes against Serbs which preceded it [the Srebrenica crime].


“Muslim forces, headed by Naser Orić, committed brutal crimes against Serbian civilians and prisoners of war in the period from 1992 to 1995 and burned and looted a great number of Serbian villages and hamlets in Middle Podrinje. No one was found guilty by the ICTY of the killings of Serbs in Srebrenica and Middle Podrinje,” Linta said on Thursday.

According to him, it is clear that the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the ICTY were tasked with trying only Serbs; they pronounced political verdicts which have nothing to do with the truth and events in the field, says a press release from the Alliance of Serbs from Region, whose president is Linta.

“The Western centers of power, if they really want peace, stability and reconciliation in BiH, must change politics and help determine the real truth about the sufferings of Serbs, Bosniaks and other peoples in Srebrenica and Middle Podrinje; all innocent victims of the past war must be respected equally and everyone who committed crimes must be brought to justice,” Linta said.

Linta has reiterated that the claim that the Republika Srpska Army committed genocide in Srebrenica is senseless and absurd.

Linta has stressed that this is about shameless propaganda of western centers of power whose goal is to additionally justify a brazen lie to the world public that Serbs were aggressors and criminals in the patriotic-defense war in BiH.

“Statements by the most important witnesses to the events in Srebrenica of 1995 given to the media and at trials in The Hague clearly show that the aim was not to determine the truth and what really happened in the field, but to tell the most extreme stories about the sufferings of Bosniaks caused by the Republika Srpska Army,” Linta said.

He concluded that it is absurd to equalize killings of a small portion of prisoners of war out of revenge, which is a crime, with genocide which means a destruction of the whole people.

The 24th anniversary of the sufferings of Bosniaks in Srebrenica will be marked on Thursday in the Potočari Memorial Center near Srebrenica. /end/sg