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PRIJEDOR, July 12 /SRNA/ - The Serb member and Chairman of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has said that places such as one of the largest killing grounds on Mount Kozara in WWII, Puharine in Veliko Palančište near Prijedor, indicate that there was the intention to completely destroy Serbs biologically.


Dodik, who on Thursday evening attended a large church assembly in Puharine, said that this was the crime against the Serbian people, but that the crime of the communist authorities, which marked the greatest sufferings of the Serbs as being crimes of Fascists and were hiding facts about this crime against Serbs, was equal to this crime.

“Essentially, they are /the victims of Fascists/, but the fact is that the official policy of the local Muslims, Croats and the NDH of that time was to destroy and kill one third of the Serbs, to expel one third and to convert /into Catholicism/ one third,” Dodik told reporters.

He has said that only in 1941, in a great offensive on Mount Kozara, 68,000 Serbs, including 24,000 children, were taken to the Jasenovac and other concentration camps, from where they have never returned.

“This indicates that the crime of Tito’s communist Yugoslavia, which was hiding this crime against Serbs, is the same,” Dodik said, adding that the same situation is in the area of Bihać where, in only two days, 14,000 Serbs were killed in 14 Serbian villages.

“This also was not known until a few years ago,” Dodik said.

He says that the same thing happened in Šušnjari near Sanski Most, where 6,000-7,000 people were killed, in Brod at the River Drina, where 6,000 Serbs were killed as they attempted to escape to Serbia in front of Ustashe hordes who were cleansing Mount Romanija of the Serbs.

“When you go to pits in Prebilovci, and then to Pag and Jadovno, you will see that this was an organized policy of the then NDH,” Dodik said.

He has said that here, on Mount Kozara, Serbs suffered.

“No Muslims or Croats suffered here, but exclusively Serbs. Only Serbs could have been killed on Mount Kozara, and only a few members of the communist movement from among other peoples, but this also should be said and this is the truth. The worst of all is that local Muslims and Croats helped these crimes and were not persecuted during all the years of the communist rule,” Dodik said

The president of the SNSD Prijedor City Board, Saša Bursać, has said that the truth was hidden, that Puharine is not the only execution site and that there are many more such unmarked places in this area.

“We must address this issue. These are people from this area, and in the nearby village called Macure, 75 children and more than 200 people are buried. There are abandoned monuments in all surrounding villages with inscriptions saying they are victims of the Fascist terror; we must call it by the right name and definitely tell the truth,” said Bursać.

A church assembly was held in the village of Veliko Palančište, hamlet Puharine-Porine, where a Petrovdan’s fire was lit and food served.

The event was organized by the Pašinac-Palančište parish in a place where the church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, dedicated to the Palančište martyrs, was built two years ago.

The host of the church assembly Bojana Ćopić has said that the intention was to pay our respects to civilian victims of WWII who have been neglected for years.

“Their names were not mentioned, and we will change it now. We built this church by contributions of faithful so that they can pray to God for victims’ souls. In only two nights, 464 residents were slaughtered here, of whom 226 were children. This crime halved the population which has not yet recovered from it,” Ćopić said.

She has added that this will be the place where younger generations will be able to learn more about the history of the area, which has been hidden so far, and that they invited Dodik to attend the event and help the construction of the church.

The second church-people's assembly gathered many residents of this and surrounding villages.

A Holy Liturgy was celebrated in the newly-built church dedicated to victims killed in 1942 in this area. The church was built in the vicinity of the memorial ossuary in Puharine.

“We should thank God and all good people who helped that a memorial church dedicated to people killed in October 1942 be built in a relatively short time period,” said parish priest Vladislav Vučanović.

Many people believe that the enemy conducted the second offensive on Mount Kozara in the night between October 22 and 23, 1942.

Without using firearms, Ustashe massacred 464 residents of Veliko Palančište and the neighboring village of Jelovac, including 226 children aged up to 17, using only knives, axes, mallets.

This was one of the most monstrous crimes Ustashe committed in this part of Mountain Kozara.

On that night, 26 families were extinct, and only one member survived in 23 families each.

According to the 1941 population census, the village of Veliko Palančište had 1,080 residents of whom 536 residents of Serbian nationality were killed in WWII. /end/sg