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BANJALUKA, July 12 /SRNA/ - The OHR should leave BiH since their selective attendance of commemorations for victims of the past war indicates that they do not recognize Serbian victims, contributing thus to even deeper divisions in the society, the president of the Association of Women Victims of War of Republika Srpska, Božica Živković Rajilić, told SRNA on Friday.


"It is time for them to leave and to put an end to selective justice. They consider Serbian victims as something normal to whom they should not pay their respects, and on the other hand, they have become lobbyists for Bosniaks victims in the world,” Rajilić told SRNA commenting on the position of the OHR that the High Representative to BiH will not attend commemorations for Serbian victims until some stop negating the alleged genocide in Srebrenica and speaking against BiH.

She has said that such selective justice and attitude speak of bad intentions of the OHR.

“Our leadership and NGOs which gather war victims have never negated victims of the other side and we only ask that all victims, Serb, Bosniak and Croatian, be respected equally,” Rajilić said.

She has said that the deadline expired long time ago for the OHR to leave and that no one respects it in any of the Entities, adding that local politicians and population in the FBiH also have much objections to it.

The OHR has said that it will start seriously considering to raise their presence at commemorations for innocent Serbian victims in Podrinje to a higher level when conditions are right – “when certain speakers at /certain/ commemorations stop negating genocide in Srebrenica, glorifying war criminals, spreading hate speech and speaking against BiH.”

This was in response to SRNA’s question as to why the High Representative to BiH Valentin Inzko did not attend a commemoration for Serbs killed in Podrinje on Saturday in Bratunac and will he attend a commemoration in Zalazje near Srebrenica where respects will be paid to Serbian civilians and soldiers killed on July 12, 1992 in that and surrounding Srebrenica villages, and on the basis of what he differentiates between the Serbian and Bosniak victims, which one can conclude based on his failure to attend commemorations for Serbian victims.

The OHR says that all innocent civilian victims and their families deserve justice and respect, regardless of their religious or ethnic affiliation, claiming that they do not differentiate between innocent victims, Bosniaks, Croats or Serbs or their families.

“Furthermore, an OHR representative attended a religious part of the commemoration in Bratunac, and will also attend a commemoration in Zalazje,” says the OHR in its response. /end/sg