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BELGRADE, July 12 /SRNA/ - General Ratko Mladić has been brought back to the Detention Unit in Scheveningen, his son Darko Mladić told Srna.


He stated he had spoken on the telephone with General Mladić, who told him he had been feeling well and that he had not had a head scan.

"General Mladić, who was taken to the hospital on Thursday when he became ill, was returned to the detention unit on Friday morning,” explained Darko Mladić.

Saying that their family had not received any medial documentation about this case yet, Darko added he had unofficially been told that the troubles and exams were related to the general’s heart and that his health condition was not critical, which did not mean it was not serious either.

Darko stated there had been a confusion on Friday morning because his mother had been told that General Mladić was going to stay in the hospital but when she arrived there, he had already been transferred to the detention unit.

General Mladić was taken to the hospital on Thursday after he had fallen ill during his wife’s visit in the detention unit. As his condition was getting worse, a doctor came and the visit was interrupted.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia sentenced General Mladić to life in prison on November 22, 2017 against which his defence lodged an appeal.

On March 12 this year, Mladić had his 77th birthday in the Hague detention. /end/dš