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KONJIC, July 12 /SRNA/ - Milorad Dodik, the Chairman and Serb member of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency, stated Friday the OHR and international community in BiH have always been anti-Serb motivated, one-sided and supportive of one story and one side, primarily the Bosniak-Muslim one.


Commenting on the OHR’s stance that the High Representative would not attend a commemoration for Serb victims until genocide in Srebrenica was no longer negated and until people stopped speaking against BiH, Dodik pointed out that such OHR’s stance was not a new thing from /Benjamin/ Kallay until /Valentin/ Inzko, who belong to the same state and the same ideology.

"Serbs have always been expected to demonise and punish themselves, and if possible, to accuse and banish themselves from these parts,” Dodik told the press in the Konjic village of Borci where a newly-renovated church of Sts Peter and Paul the Apostles was consecrated on Friday.

The story about genocide has not been proved which is why people are now forbidden to think, said Dodik, even though, he added, that same West always talked about the freedom of thought.

"There are many examples which do not confirm the claim of genocide. We demand a joint international commission whose seat does not have to be in Banjaluka, or in BiH for that matter. Let it be in Brussels. Let them create a story about suffering which will be objective, instead of having it done by political courts,” suggested Dodik.

The High Representative to BiH and other representatives of the international community are one-sided and anti-Serb motivated, he said.

"That can be seen from the talk of how Republika Srpska has to be degraded, the rights of Serbs and Croats reduced and the central role boosted. No such thing will happen; that time is long gone and that will never happen,” emphasised Dodik.

He asked how could Inzko not be ashamed to say there were little Serbs here, when his ancestors killed 40% of Serbs on two occasions here.

"And he says there are little of us here? This proves what kind of characters they are. Our people lay in graves in Šušnjar, Jasenovac, Prebilovci," said the Serb member of the Presidency.

The Church of Sts Peter and Paul the Apostles has been renovated in memory of Sts Peter and Paul the Apostles and in memory of little boys Petar and Pavle Golubović, who were killed together with their parents in 1992 in Konjic, and according to Dodik, the suffering of the boys is a proper example and proof of the suffering on the basis of an ideology of hatred, which was the official Bosniak policy at the time.

"Is the suffering of Bosniaks any different from the suffering of these two boys? If I had the power, I would bring back to life all innocent children, whether they be Serbs, Croats or Bosniaks,” said Dodik.

Dodik submitted that the Federation of BiH treated Serb returnees terribly.

"Things are not like that in Republika Srpska. Let them find an example where Bosniak returnees have no power or water supply,” Dodik said.

According to him, the population that suffered the most in BiH in the 1990s war and after it were Serbs in the territory of the present-day Federation of BiH, from Sarajevo to other places.

Dodik gave an example of Bihać, which in the 1960s had 55% of Serbs, while today it only has around 30, and also Drvar where some 5,000 Serbs are totally ignored by the Federation authorities, and those people would have all moved out had they not received help from Republika Srpska.

"Republika Srpska respects every Bosniak, Croat and everyone else who lives in its territory and we have reconstructed many villages,” noted Dodik.

Commenting on the current state of political affairs in BiH, Dodik suggested nothing was functioning in this country.

"The parliament is not working, the Council of Ministers does not exist, so why would there be any budget,” asked the BiH Presidency Chairman. /end/dš