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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - August 14, 2019




BANJALUKA, August 14 /SRNA/ - At a reception for young boy Dejan Lukić from Brod, whose project Nano Satellite was accepted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration /NASA/, Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović said on Wednesday that the office of the president and the Republika Srpska Government would jointly finance the implementation of this ambitious project.

BANJALUKA, August 14 /SRNA/ - Representatives of the BiH Indirect Taxation Authority /ITA/ will meet with Republika Srpska haulers and freight forwarding agents who earlier blocked the Rača customs terminal because of the intention of ITA to relocate it, but the time of a meeting has not yet been agreed, Head of the ITA Communications Department Ratko Kovačević told SRNA on Wednesday.

STANARI, August 14 /SRNA/ - Stanari Mayor Dušan Panić and acting director of the Putevi Republike Srpske public company Nenad Nešić on Wednesday signed an agreement on joint investment in the reconstruction of a section of the Tedin Han- Križ regional road, the estimated value of which is BAM 6,561,870.

NOVI GRAD, August 14 /SRNA/ - Novi Grad Mayor Miroslav Drljača has said that a proposal to found a public institution to manage the protected area of the nature reserve Una that would be based in Novi Grad will be sent to the Republika Srpska Government and relevant Ministry on Wednesday.

PALE, August 14 /SRNA/ - The cause of fire in the former Energoinvest factory in East Sarajevo is a human error, Head of the Criminal Police Department at the East Sarajevo Police Administration Nebojša Popović said on Wednesday.

BANJALUKA, August 14 /SRNA/ - The Serbian Democratic Party /SDS/ still suspects that fire in the Energoinvest RAOP Company in East Sarajevo was arson, SDS member of the Republika Srpska National Assembly Davor Šešić said on Wednesday.


SARAJEVO, August 14 /SRNA/ - Agenda of a BiH Presidency regular session scheduled for August 20 will be known after consultations of the Presidency members which will be held just before the session, Dragoljub Reljić, an adviser to the Presidency Serb member Milorad Dodik on constitutional and legal matters, stated on Wednesday.

BANJALUKA, August 14 /SRNA/ - The BiH Presidency will hold two sessions on August 20, since, apart from the extraordinary one requested by Serb member Milorad Dodik, a regular session was scheduled by Chairman Željko Komšić, using an opportunity to complicate things regarding the appointment of a candidate for the Council of Ministers chairman by putting on the agenda the Annual National Plan for membership to NATO, Head of the House of Representatives SNSD Caucus Staša Košarac told Srna.

SARAJEVO, August 14 /SRNA/ - Caretaker BiH Minister of Defense Marina Pendeš has said commenting on the Annual National Plan /ANP/ that BiH must make a choice – meet assumed obligations or lose international influence.


SARAJEVO, August 14 /SRNA/ - After 20 hours in a pit of the Stranjani coal mine in Zenica, 17 miners who refused to get out of the pit in protest over the lack of miners, got out after an agreement was reached with Company director Nevzet Vrškić.


BELGRADE, August 14 /SRNA/ - The director of the Serbian Government’s Kosovo Office, Marko Đurić, on Wednesday thanked the Ambassador of Russia to Serbia, Alexander Botsan Kharchenko, for the consistent political and diplomatic support Moscow is providing to Serbia in an effort to fight for respect for international law and preserve its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

BELGRADE, August 14 /SRNA/ - The Supreme Court of North Macedonia decided not to extradite former KLA member Tomor Morina to Serbia, reports Tanjug.

BELGRADE, August 14 /SRNA/ - A coordinated action by the Ivanjica local self-government, members of the Emergency Situations Department and the Srbijavode Company prevented further downstream leakage of fuel oil that was released into the River Moravica in Ivanjica, reports RTS. /end/sg



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