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BANJALUKA, August 22 /SRNA/ - PDP leader Branislav Borenović believes an attack on Serbs in Knin is no accident, but the result of nationalist rhetoric and tacit acceptance of growing radicalism in Croatia.


"I expect the main holders of public office in Croatia to not only sharply condemn the incident, but also show by personal example that diversity in Croatia is acceptable and desirable, and that the country will do all it can to punish such cases most severely, and fully protect the Serbian ethnic minority,” said Borenović.

He pointed out that the PDP had submitted an initiative to the National Assembly of Republika Srpska to form a joint commission with Serb representatives from Croatia that will work to improve the position of Serbs there, reports the PDP.

Five people including a nine-year-old were injured when a group of masked attackers stormed a café in the municipality of Biskupija outside Knin where guests were watching a Champions League play-off match between the Belgrade Red Star and the Swiss Young Boys on Wednesday evening.

The injured were hospitalised in a local hospital.

Several people raided a local bar in Đevrske outside Kistanje too and started provoking the guests who were watching the game there, and the bar owner said those provocations were mainly based on ethnic grounds.

The Šibenik-Knin Police Administration reports that several persons who are brought in connection with the attack on the owner and guests of the bar in Uzdolje outside Knin were taken in for criminal processing. /end/dš