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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - August 22, 2019




BANJALUKA, August 22 /SRNA/ - The Government of Republika Srpska on Thursday defined the draft strategy for e-government development 2019-2022, the goal being to develop e-government.

VIENNA, August 22 /SRNA/ - Minister of Transport and Communications Neđo Trninić told Srna on Thursday that the Austrian company Rail Cargo Austria, a rail freight transportation company placing emphasis on container transport, is interested in developing such a system in Doboj.

BANJALUKA, August 22 /SRNA/ - Minister of Family, Youth and Sports Sonja Davidović says the ATP challenger Srpska Open, which will take place on the courts of the Mladost Tennis Club in Banjaluka from September 9 until September 15, is a great event and the best way to promote sports in Srpska.

BANJALUKA, August 22 /SRNA/ - The cargo terminal at the Rača border crossing near Bijeljina remains on the same location but more resources are required to maintain the border crossing and cargo terminal, representatives of freight forwarders and Association of Transporters of Republika Srpska agreed with the management of the BiH Indirect Taxation Authority in Banjaluka on Thursday.

GRADIŠKA, August 22 /SRNA/ - Mayor of Gradiška Zoran Adžić signed grant agreements with 20 entrepreneurs under the Gradiška 2019 Entrepreneurship Development Support Programme, who were selected in a public call and will be granted a total of BAM120,000 KM from the city budget.

BIJELJINA, August 22 /SRNA/ - The Bijeljina Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises has published a call for granting BAM30,000 in support of newly-formed businesses for hiring and procurement of basic assets, the city announced on its website.

BANJALUKA, August 22 /SRNA/ - The Banjaluka villages Borkovići, Pervan, Goleši, and Dedića Lokva finally receive drinking water from the water factory Crno Vrelo, whose construction started ten years ago.


SARAJEVO, August 22 /SRNA/ - Four institutions of the Council of Ministers meet 100% of proactive transparency standards, meaning that they have published all data and information of public significance, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office reported on Thursday.


MOSTAR, August 22 /SRNA/ - Romeo Biokšić, the head of the independent union of workers of the Mostar enterprise producing primary aluminium and aluminium alloys Aluminij, stated on Thursday that the plan for restarting production there has failed and announced new protests for early September.

MOSTAR, August 22 /SRNA/ - Several prisoners tried to break from the Penal and Correctional Institute Mostar, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton confirmed to the press on Thursday.


BELGRADE, August 22 /SRNA/ - Tribute to the great Serbian writer and national leader Petar Kočić was paid in a wreath laying ceremony at his grave in the Alley of the Greats at the New Cemetery and in the Čuburski Park in the scope of the Kočić Day event in Belgrade on Thursday.


BANJALUKA, August 22 /SRNA/ - Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik says the event in Knin proves that the Serbs’ position in Croatia is extremely difficult and that it is one of total discrimination and constant fear mongering. Dodik pointed out that Croatia is a member of the EU and that people’s freedoms in the Union should be ironclad.

BELGRADE, August 22 /SRNA/ - Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić has said that the recent two attacks on Serbs in Knin and everything that happened there is the result of “many years of the current Croatian authorities flirting with Ustashism and glorifying the crimes against Serbs.”

ZAGREB, August 22 /SRNA/ - Leader of the Serbian National Council Milorad Pupovac says an attack on Serbs in Knin has the features of a protection squadron group /genuine fascist units/ and that it is neither accidental nor spontaneous.

ZAGREB, August 22 /SRNA/ - Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković says an attack on Serbs in a Knin bar should be severely condemned and yet asserts that it is an act of an individual, and not an issue of the climate or society that encourages violence.

ZAGREB, August 22 /SRNA/ - Dejan Jović, a political scientist and former candidate of the Independent Serbian Democratic Party for the European Parliament, says it is hard to live together with the people who consider Serbs in Croatia aggressors and asserts that politics and the Roman Catholic Church are responsible for anti-Serbian climate in Croatia.

BANJALUKA, August 22 /SRNA/ - PDP leader Branislav Borenović believes an attack on Serbs in Knin is no accident, but the result of nationalist rhetoric and tacit acceptance of growing radicalism in Croatia. /end/dš