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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - SRNA September 12, 2019




BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - The Republika Srpska Government adopted Thursday a Draft Law on Infertility Treatment of in Biomedically Aided Fertilization, which aims to successfully treat infertility and increase the of successfully performed procedures.

BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - A delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republika Srpska is on a two-day visit to Sankt Pölten, Austria, to learn about Austrian cluster development experiences with a focus on the agri-food sector.

BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - US Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Sarajevo Ellen Germain handed over a recognition note for police training to Republika Srpska Police Director Darko Ćulum for the Interior Ministry Administration.

BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Minister of Labour, War Veterans and Disabled Persons Protection, Duško Milunović, will talk about the marking of the Day of Persons Went Missing and Killed in the Republika Srpska Defensive and Patriotic War at Friday’s press conference in Banjaluka.

BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Šeranic will open the Health and Healthy Lifestyle Festival in Bijeljina on Friday.

BANJALUKA September 12 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Minister of Economy and Entrepreneurship Vjekoslav Petričević will attend the official opening of the 7th 2019 Economy, Agriculture and Tourism Fair on Friday in Brod.

BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - Srđan Rajčević, Minister for Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of Republika Srpska will visit the National and University Library of Republika Srpska on Friday in Banjaluka.

BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - The Electoral Assembly of the Republika Srpska Organisation of Families of Captured and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians will be held in Banjaluka on Sunday, September 15; the candidacy forms for the head of the Organisation have been so far submitted by current Deputy Head Veljko Lazić and Secretary Isidora Graorac Štrkić.

BANJALUKA, September 12 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska University Clinical Centre /UCC/ Director Vlado Đajić called on the residents of Banjaluka and Srpska again to come to Banjaluka's City Stadium on Friday to attend the charity match between the veterans of the Red Star Football Club and the Borac Football Club, organised by the “Djeca nam se radjala” Foundation with the aim of promoting the birth rate in Srpska.

DOBOJ, September 12 /SRNA/ - BiH Human Rights Ombudsman LJubinko Mitrović says a high level of cooperation is established with the Doboj City Administration and that he is satisfied with the small number of cases given the population in this local community.

PRIJEDOR, September 12 /SRNA/ - Prijedor Mayor Milenko Đaković and MEG Project Manager in BiH Goran Stefatić formally completed on Thursday the construction of a sewage network in suburban local communities of Orlovac, Kalat and Čirkin Polje, in which BAM 530,000 has been invested.

TRNOVO, September 12 /SRNA/ - Trnovo Mayor Dragomir Gagović told SRNA that there were several attempts of illegal construction in the Mount Jahorina area belonging to this municipality, which was stopped by a construction inspector.

TESLIĆ, September 12 /SRNA/ - Polish Ambassador to BiH Jaroslaw Lindenberg announced Friady that his country will fund the purchase of teaching aids and furniture for the "Vuk Karadžić" elementary school in Teslić.


MOSTAR, September 12 /SRNA/ - Croat National Assembly /HNS/ Leader Dragan Čović and Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajčak agree that the authority formation issue in BiH must be resolved through consensus of partners in BiH - SNSD, HDZ BiH and SDA that were elected as democratic representatives of the constituent peoples.

SARAJEVO, September 12 /SRNA/ - Delegations of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH and the International Criminal Court agreed Thursday at The Hague that co-operation and exchange of experience will be continued and enhanced within the framework of international legal assistance and in other forms.

SARAJEVO, September 12 /SRNA/ - After more than a year, the BiH Prosecutor's Office did not inform the President of the BiH Court, Ranko Debevac, that a person who sent him death threats last summer was found, Debevec confirmed to SRNA.


MOSTAR, September 12 /SRNA/ - FBiH Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Nermin Džindić said in Mostar on Thursday that the mines owe BAM 473 million to the FBiH Tax Administration, with half of the debt going to brown coal mines "Breza" and "Zenica".


BELGRADE, September 12 /SRNA/ - After meeting with Roman Catholic Church Head Pope Francis, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said the Vatican is pursuing a serious policy and will maintain its position on Kosovo and Metohija issue.

BELGRADE, September 12 /SRNA/ - Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said during the talks with Pope Francis, the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, that Serbia appreciates the Vatican's principled position on non-recognition of Kosovo's unilaterally declared independence.

BELGRADE, September 12 /SRNA/ - Financial agreement for the construction of Niš-Merdare motorway worth EUR 100 million was signed Thursday in Belgrade by Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlović and representative of the European Investment Bank /EIB/ Miguel Morgado.

BELGRADE, September 12 /SRNA/ - The Association of Families of Persons Kidnapped and Killed in Kosovo and Metohija announced that Czech President Miloš Zeman's statement that "war criminals cannot enter the EU" gives hope, awakens justice and proves that a true value system exists.

BELGRADE, September 12 /SRNA/ - Bishop Teodosije of Raška and Prizren and director of the Religious Administration of Serbia Mileta Radojević are on a multi-day visit to the Russian Orthodox Church, the Serbian Orthodox Church announced Thursday.


BELGRADE, September 12 /SRNA/ - Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarović in her letter to SDSS Leader Milorad Pupovac essentially showed that Croatia is not a country of peace, understanding and prosperity, but of hatred, intolerance and ethnic violence with Ustashism as its foundation, Committee on the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region Chairman Miodrag Linta said.

PODGORICA, September 12 /SRNA/ - Guaranteeing freedom of expression is a prerequisite for progress on the EU path, Director-General for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Christian Danielsson said in Podgorica Thursday, adding that freedom of expression and the media cannot be negotiated. /end/vos