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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - October 15, 2019




BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska National Assembly Speaker Nedeljko Čubrilovic said today that Republika Srpska Parliament is committed to passing laws that are in line with European legal heritage. At a meeting with newly-appointed Polish Ambassador to BiH Jaroslaw Lindenberg, Čubrilović stressed that the National Assembly was committed to applying standards and creating more favorable conditions for the development of economy and the entire society, regardless of when the European integration process would be completed.

BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - Speaker of the Republika Srpska National Assembly Nedeljko Čubrilović and Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH Kathleen Kavalec signed a memorandum of understanding today in Banjaluka which formalizes an agreement on the “democratic management project” the implementation of which starts today and will last until 2020 with the financial support from the OSCE.

BANJALUKA, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Justice Minister Anton Kasipović and the president of the Trade Union of Judicial Employees of Republika Srpska, Siniša Petrović, spoke today about creating conditions for improving the financial standing of employees in judicial institutions and agreed that employees should ask that salaries be increased by a percentage that is possible as of the beginning of next year.

BANJALUKA, October 15 /SRNA/ - At a meeting with the newly-appointed Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH, Kathleen Kavalec, PDP president Branislav Borenović said today that all political factors should get involved in order to enact an election law that would be a real reflection of democracy.

FOČA, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - The Medical Faculty in Foča marked today the 26th anniversary of its existence and successful work with a solemn session where certificates of recognition were awarded to the best researchers among students and teachers and individuals who contributed to its development.

BIJELJINA, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - At a seminar held today at the National Library “Filip Višnjić” in Bijeljina, librarians cited Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić who said that one should read books so that the world of reason and beauty that is in the books does not remain closed.

DOBOJ, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - Students of a hairdressing school in Doboj today organized a Day of Beauty where they showcased their skills and did hair makeovers free of charge.


SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - Caretaker BiH Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Mirko Šarović has said that at a meeting with businessmen from Republika Srpska and the FBiH that will be held today in Sarajevo he will propose that chambers of commerce and businessmen support an initiative to form a “Mini Schengen.”

SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - Caretaker BiH Minister of Finance and Treasury Vjekoslav Bevanda has said that it is his desire for the authorities at the level of BiH to be formed as soon as possible, that he hopes that this will happen soon and that BiH will not enter a new year with such a situation.

SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - Caretaker BiH Minister of Security Dragan Mektić is heading a BiH delegation at a session of the Interpol General Assembly in Chile where numerous global security issues will be addressed.

SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - The Deputy Speakers of the BiH House of Representatives and the House of Peoples, Nebojša Radmanović and Nikola Špirić, respectively, agreed today with the Speaker of the Mexican Congress House of Representatives, Laura Rojas Hernandez, that both sides should influence the acceleration of the signing of an inter-state memorandum of understanding.

SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - SDS president Mirko Šarović has said that if he starts negotiations with the SDA it won’t be a problem for him to have 22 members of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.


SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - At a meeting with FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić today in Sarajevo, German Ambassador to BiH Margaret Uebber said that formation of authorities at all levels and the implementation of reforms were prerequisites for Germany’s support to BiH.

SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - Bihać Mayor Šuhret Fazlić said today that as of Monday, October 21, the city would stop providing any services to the migrant reception center in Vučjak and let the crisis escalate, by which they would try to force the authorities in BiH to do their job.


BELGRADE, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - A note was delivered today to the Serbian Embassy in Paris by which Ramuš Haradinaj withdrew the request for the accession of self-declared Kosovo to Interpol, Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said.


BELGRADE, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - His Holiness the Patriarch of the Serbs, Irinej, has accepted an invitation to consecrate the renovated church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Kućanci /the birthplace of the late Patriarch Pavle/, as part of a celebration of the 800th anniversary of autocephaly of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Eparchy of Slavonia.

SISAK, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - In Sisak, the town where the Ustashe ran the greatest concentration camp for Serbian children from Kozara Mountain, there is no a real monument to remind of this crime, and the concentration camp building has been turned into a theater called “the Chrystal Cube of Serenity.”

VUKOVAR, OCTOBER 15 /SRNA/ - Members of a sports fan group physically attacked three young Serb men in Vukovar, reports the Večernji List daily citing unofficial police sources. /end/sg



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