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BANJALUKA, NOVEMBER, 9 /SRNA/ - Dean of the Faculty of Security and Protection in Banja Luka Slobodan Župljanin believes that the decision of the Bihać authorities to transfer migrants from this city to the Serb village Lipa is an attack to settlements of Serbs’ returnees in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ in order to Serbs would abandon their hearths again.


"Displacement of migrants only to Serbs’ villages is a message that Serbs do not belong there and that they need to move out of that area as soon as possible”, said Župljanin to Srna.

He has stressed that this is essentially a continuation of the unique policy of Sarajevo and the FBiH to constantly pressure the Serb population with the intention of clearing the FBiH of Serbs, and if it is possible the entire BiH.

Župljanin reminded that everyone knows that a small number of Serbs have returned and stayed in the FBiH because they did not have any conditions for a sustainable return and a normal life in that area.

Župljanin mentions that the Serb population in these villages has a justifiable fear, since it was evident that in the settlements where migrants reside, not a single day passes without serious incidents.

"This is a very bad message for Serbs in the FBiH and Republika Srpska. Obviously, the authorities at the BiH level, the authorities of Una-Sana Canton and Bihać have not the response to the migrant crisis and then it is easiest to suggest that migrants be accommodated in returnees’ villages in order to continue with the cleaning of Serbs from those areas", Župljanin concluded.

The Bihać City Council yesterday approved the establishment of a temporary migrant reception center at the Lipa site between Bihać and Bosanski Petrovac, the only city-owned unit.

The location was proposed with the intention of displacement the migrants outside the inhabited areas of Bihać. /end/bo