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GLAMOČ, DECEMBER, 7 /SRNA/ - 45,000 Serbs live in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ today, as opposed to the half-million pre-war, and now the most important for them is to survive in that area, said to Srna, president of the Alliance of Serb’s Associations "Homeland", Brane Pećanac after the session of the Assembly of this Alliance.


Pećanac has said that at today's session discussed the fact of not teaching Serb in some schools in the FBiH area, such as in Glamoč.

"We will ask for help from all institutions to start studying Serbian in Glamoč as their mother tongue. The Serb people in the FBiH should become equal in every sense, in order to preserve historical, cultural and other assets", Pećanac pointed out.

He has stated that he knew that some road routes in Drvar and Glamoč municipalities would be asphalted.

"These are roads from Drvar to Glamoč and from Drvar to East Drvar. We have knowledge that there are promises from Serbia and Srpska that will work on that", Pećanac added.

At today's Assembly, which gathered representatives of the associations that make this Alliance, also discussed constitutional and legal problems, the migrant crisis, declining birth rates and other problems that Serbs in the FBiH are facing.

The Drvar- Glamoč road is not asphalted for about twenty kilometers. This year, the Government of the Livno Canton has allocated funds for the modernization of two kilometers of the total 400,000 KM foreseen for the paving of roads in this Canton.

The places where the Croatian population lives in the Livno Canton are completely asphalted.

The Serb delegate to the House of Peoples of the FBiH Parliament Goran Broćeta has indicated to the poor health care of the Serbs in the FBiH, especially in Bosanski Grahovo, where a doctor visits them just twice a week.

He has earlier told Srna that a particularly difficult position in the Livno Canton have Serbs who live in the area between Livno and Bosanko Grahovo, including the villages of Provo, Sajković and Gubin, where Serb returnees are supplied with essential food items from mobile stores and to visit a doctor they have to go to Livno, about 30 kilometers away.

Broćeta has repeated that the Serbs in the FBiH are brought to the statistical error, and stressed that they have no life without Serbia and Republika Srpska, which have been very present lately in returnee municipalities with a majority Serb population. /end/bo