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NOVI GRAD, JANUARY, 18 /SRNA/ - Mayor of Novi Grad Miroslav Drljača assessed as unsubstantiated the claims of the Croatian Fund for Financing Decommissioning and Disposal of Radioactive Waste from the "Krško" Power Plant that its disposal on Trgovska Gora would not endanger 300,000 inhabitants in the Una River basin, because they do not trust Croatia's guarantees that everything will be done according to the regulations.


"Knowing that Croatia is not technologically advanced to provide all these conditions, it is justified the question of who guarantees that the facility and storage of radioactive waste will be done according to all regulations? Judging by the current practice of hiding in decision making, we believe that it will be so in the future. We do not believe their guarantees", Drljača said to SRNA.

Drljača believes that Croatia wants to choose a cheaper solution for the disposal of radioactive waste from the "Krško" Nuclear Power Plant, which is not safe for residents of Novi Grad and other municipalities in the Una River basin.

The president of the "Green Team" Association Novi Grad Mario Crnković pointed out that he was concerned about the lack of objectivity of the Fund for financing the decommissioning and disposal of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel at the "Krško" Nuclear Power Plant concerns, and believes that this it is all the more reason for concern.

"If the Croatian Fund wants to deny someone, they need to go from their environment minister Tomislav Ćorić, who has said, on several occasion, that Trgovska gora is a location of the landfill, meaning permanent disposal, not storage, which would mean a temporary depositing", said Crnković.

He also said that it was pathetic to sound a persistent repetition of phrases such as that everything would be done "in accordance with the highest world standards", because this story lasts for 20 years, showing how they work according to those standards. "It is high time to put an end to this", Crnković pointed out.

After SRNA announced on December 5 last year that Croatia plans to dispose of radioactive waste on Trgovska gora in the immediate vicinity of Novi Grad and only 900 meters from the protected area - Nature Park "Una", which would endanger about 300,000 inhabitants in this river basin, the Fund noted that "facilates in which disposed of low and intermediate-level radioactive waste do not pose any risk to the local population, provided that they are constructed and monitored in accordance with the best international practice". /end/bo