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PRIJEDOR, JANUARY, 25 /SRNA/ - Dragutin Rodić is unanimously elected president of the City Organization of the Democratic People's Alliance /DNS/ of Prijedor today.


"We are an organization that originated in Prijedor, which built its politics and moved into all major political campaigns from Prijedor", Rodić told reporters in Prijedor after the extraordinary assembly.

Rodić thanked Milenko Đaković who has performed this duty to this day.

"For those who think that it was a resignation or anything else, I can say with full responsibility that this was our deal for in DNS to try to keep one person from having more functions", Rodić told reporters in Prijedor after the assembly.

DNS President Nenad Nešić has said that an extraordinary DNS assembly at which will be elected president of the party in full mandate is likely to be held by the end of February.

He has stated that Đaković remained the President of the DNS Regional Board and a member of the DNS Presidency, and that today's event in Prijedor put an end to stories about disputes in the DNS and that the process of turning the DNS into local elections had begun.

Responding to a question about the functioning of the coalition, Nešić said that it functions at the level of Srpska and BiH`s level. /end/bo