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SARAJEVO, JANUARY 28 /SRNA/ - Not a single case of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus has been confirmed so far in BiH, and the Embassy of China in BiH is ready to maintain communication and cooperation with the BiH authorities in connection with this issue, says a press release from the Chinese Embassy.


According to information from the Embassy, Chinese citizens who live and work in BiH, and are currently in China, voluntarily proposed an initiative to be isolated for 15 days after their return to BiH for the sake of the protection from the virus and careful monitoring of the health situation by the authorities.

The press release says that after the breakout of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the Chinese authorities paid great attention to this case.

The Embassy says that Chinese President Xi Jinping gave important instructions for decisive measures to be taken in order to curb the epidemic, and the Chinese Government undertook effective and scientific measures for prevention and control.

“We are determined and convinced that we will successfully control the epidemic and curb the spread of the virus,” says the press release.

Being open, transparent and very responsible towards the global health and security, the relevant Chinese institutions immediately informed the World Health Organization, relevant states and the regions of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, about the state of the epidemic, shared genes of the new coronavirus in the shortest time and maintained close communication with the International Community.

The World Health Organization and the authorities of all countries highly praised measures taken by the Chinese side, says the Chinese Embassy in BiH.

According to the latest official information, the death toll of the coronavirus has reached 106, and 4,515 people have been infected. /end/sg