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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - April 4, 2020




BANJALUKA, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republika Srpska Alen Šeranić has said that the epidemic of the coronavirus in Srpska is under control and that the capacities of the University Clinical Center and other health facilities in the Republika Srpska are sufficient for care of patients.

BANJALUKA, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republika Srpska Alen Šeranić announced that another part of equipment for mobile hospital is coming today by plane, as well as two trucks with construction, and the mobile hospital will be completed in mid-April.

BANJALUKA, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Head of the team monitoring the implementation of measures ordered by the Republika Srpska HQ for Emergency Situations Nenad Stevandić said that the University Clinical Center of the Republika Srpska has enough respirators, which means that Srpska cannot has the scenario of some countries in which patients are waiting to be connected to these devices.

BANJALUKA, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - General Director of the University Clinical Center of the Republika Srpska Vlado Đajić said today that he has shown to the Minister Alen Šeranić that all procedures for treating patients with coronavirus are being followed at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases.

PALE, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Mayor of Pale Boško Jugović congratulated Police Day on all members of the Republika Srpska MIA with the wish to continue conscientiously, professionally and effectively performing the tasks entrusted, making every citizen's life safer and Republika Srpska more stable.

EAST SARAJEVO, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Mayor of East Sarajevo Nenad Vuković and Speaker of the City Assembly Miroslav Lučić congratulated Police Day to Chief of the East Sarajevo Police Department Branimir Šehovac with the wish to successfully and responsibly carry out all tasks and responsibilities within his jurisdiction.

PRIJEDOR, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - The dirge was served today in the Holy Trinity Church in Prijedor, on the occasion of Republika Srpska Police Day, and flowers were laid and candles were lit to members killed in the defense-fatherland war in front of memorial site in the building of the Police Directorate.


DRVAR, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples of the Parliament of BiH Nikola Špirić told SRNA that medical aid provided by Srpska to returnee municipalities in the Federation of BiH was intended for everyone living there because the coronavirus does not know the boundaries, and that the attitude of the federal authorities to Serb returnees is disappointing.

SARAJEVO, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Azerbaijan is aware of the state of BiH in relation to the coronavirus and is ready to help and respond appropriately if the epidemiological situation continues to worsen, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations at the Council of Ministers Stasa Kosharac and Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan Mikayil Jabbarov noted.

SARAJEVO, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - BiH Mine Action Center has warned citizens that most mine accidents occur in early spring and that signs warning of residual landmines should be strictly adhered to.


BELGRADE, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Five people have died in Serbia in the last 24 hours due to the coronavirus infection, and 148 new infected citizens have been registered, said infectious diseases doctor Goran Stevanović.

PRIŠTINA, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - In Serb communities in Kosovo and Metohija, 22 people were infected with the coronavirus and one died, this is the data of the Crisis Headquarters of the municipalities of Kosovska Mitrovica and Zvečan.

BELGRADE, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - The Commissariat for Refugees and Migration has announced that the frequent allegations on social networks and portals that migrants are "bringing in and settling in Serbia under the umbrella of the night" are not true, but that they are aimed at frightening the public, and called on those responsible to sanction the spread of fake news.


PODGORICA, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Three police officers in Montenegro have been infected with a coronavirus, 73 police officers are in isolation, and three are in quarantine, police of Montenegro said.

ZAGREB, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - 47 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in Croatia, bringing their total to 1,126, while 12 people died from COVID-19, this is the data of the National Civil Protection Headquarters.

LJUBLJANA, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - 22 people have died in Slovenia since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, 934 people have been infected and 25,921 have been tested. /end/bo