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BIHAĆ, APRIL, 4 /SRNA/ - Authority in Bihać have used the coronavirus epidemic to build the reception center for migrants in the Serb village Lipa, where, previously, they did not provide return for Serbs, but they are settling those whose fathers fought there against the Republika Srpska Army, Head of the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Serbs in the Federation of BiH Đorđe Radanović said SRNA.


Radanović said that they purposely build a migrant center there to disperse the Serb population from the inhabited surrounding Serbs` villages of Vrtoče, Krnjeuša, Gornja Suvaja.

Lipa is located on the border of Bihać and Bosanski Petrovac, but belongs to the town of Bihać and, Radanović noted, it is a Serbs` land where Muslims have never lived, and that there is no mosque and Muslim cemetery at a distance of 20 kilometers.

Instead of providing a return for Serbs, Radanović pointed out that accommodation was provided to people from Africa and Asia whose fathers and grandfathers fought in Lipa in 1995 against the Republika Srpska Army.

"No one then asked if the Afghan who killed Rade Lukić was a migrant and whether he should be in the so-called Army of BiH. They gave him a shotgun to kill. Those who come are only sons and grandsons of those who killed Serbs in the past war", Radanović said.

Radanović stressed that only a kilometer from where the migrant center is being built is the Church of Saint Panteleimon from the 18th century, which was set on fire by members of the Fifth Corps of the so-called Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is why, among other things, commander Atif Dudaković and his subordinates are now on trial.
The church has been rebuilt, and Radanović fears what will happen to it when migrants arrive.

"It is not a naive story at all. It deliberately delved into the Serbs` territory to disperse the residents of the surrounding villages. Serb returnees from Lipa, 25 years are applying the Una-Sana Canton, the city of Bihać and the FBiH to make a power station to connect to electricity, to make homes and ancillary facilities. This has never been done and they provided all for migrants in five days", Radanović said.

He said that they had filed a criminal complaint against Bihać Mayor Šuhret Fazlić, which was received by the Federal Prosecutor's Office and forwarded to the Cantonal Prosecutor's Office in Bihać and that they are awaiting a response.

Radanović stressed that the Committee for the Protection of Serbs has planned to physically oppose the intention to build this migrant center, but were prevented because the cantonal authorities chose the moment when the state of emergency was declared in the FBiH, the movement and assembly of more than 10 people were banned, and stopped interurban transport.

He also said that in this way the Annex 7 of the Dayton Agreement and the Criminal Code of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which imposes a sentence of up to 10 years in prison for those who obstruct return, were violated, and a precedent was created that may most cost Bosniaks in Republika Srpska who may be victims of such behavior of Una-Sana Canton authorities.

Radanović says they have also notified all signatories of the Dayton Agreement and the European Commission about the violation of Annex 7.

Media in the FBiH have reported that the construction of a temporary reception center at the Lipa site between Bihać and Bosanski Petrovac is at an advanced stage, and relocation of migrants from abandoned facilities in the city to Una is expected to begin next week.

The Government of Una-Sana Canton will take care of the process of displacement of migrants and of health care when the site is ready to receive people. /end/bo