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BANJALUKA, JULY 13 /SRNA/ - Prime Minister of Republika Srpska, Radovan Višković, pointed out that foreign trade between Srpska and the Czech Republic was recording constant growth before the coronavirus pandemic, but the epidemic had a negative effect on foreign trade and economic cooperation.


Višković emphasized at today's meeting in Banjaluka with Ambassador of the Czech Republic to BiH, Ivana Hlavsova, that the cooperation between the Czech Republic and Republika Srpska had been good and successful so far.

He emphasized the Government of Republika Srpska was open and at the disposal of any good business initiative, thus it was ready to support investors’ investments in Republika Srpska.

Višković expressed gratitude for the Czech Republic's donations to the health system of Republika Srpska during the pandemic caused by coronavirus, the Public Relations Bureau of the Srpska Government announced.

The meeting participants assessed the experiences in implementing environment and health sector-related projects provided a good basis for these projects’ continuation, but the approach to the implementation of joint projects in other fields, too.

Hlavsova, to whom this was her inaugural visit, said that Czech IT companies had expressed interest in cooperating with local companies in the field of information technology.

According to her, the pandemic had negative effects on the economy, but Czech businessmen, especially in the trade sector, expressed commitment to do business in Republika Srpska.

The interlocutors discussed the epidemiological situation in Republika Srpska and protection measures for citizens imposed with the aim of preventing the spread of diseases caused by coronavirus, as well as measures easing the negative consequences of the pandemic on Republika Srpska economy.

At the meeting, the necessity of respecting the prescribed measures and recommendations was emphasized in order to influence the reduction of the infected, the preservation of public health and the health system as much as possible.

Viškovic and Hlavsova agree that Republika Srpska is committed to European integration, and that the Czech Republic is ready to provide professional support and assistance to Srpska and the Federation of BiH on that journey. /end/vos