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BANJALUKA, AUGUST 12 /SRNA/ - SNSD president Milorad Dodik said today that the SNSD will take part in local elections in 63 municipalities in Republika Srpska, 25 municipalities in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ and in Brčko District.


Dodik has said that the SNSD is ready and capable to conduct all election activities and that he is convinced in a victory in local elections and in a victory of its candidates for mayors, and of joint candidates from coalition parties that support the SNSD.

After a meeting of the party’s Executive Committee, Dodik told reporters that the SNSD supports joint candidates for mayors in Bijeljina, Lopare, Kotor Varoš, Oštra Luka and Istočni Drvar.

He has said that the SNSD Executive Committee assessed the work of the BiH Central Election Commission /CEC/ as poor when it comes to its legitimacy.

“The legitimacy of the CEC is questionable but elections will be held on a set date /November 15/. We cannot influence this and we will take part in elections. We think elections must be held in a neutral atmosphere,” Dodik said.

Commenting on a decision of the BiH Complaints Commission to reject a complaint filed by a group of bidders regarding the CEC’s decision on the selection of the most favorable company that will print ballots for the local elections, Dodik has said it is obvious that the CEC and a court department deciding this matter are in collusion. /end/sg