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BANJA LUKA, SEPTEMBER 20 /SRNA/ - The documentary film "Guardian of Honor and Pride" about the guardian of the Serbian cemetery in Zeitenlik Đorđe Mihailović is important for the culture of remembrance, but also to emphasize the sacrifice the Serbian people made in the First World War, the Head of the Republika Srpska Representation in Thessaloniki Jelena Jovanović said SRNA.


Jovanović has stated that the Serb people nurture a culture of oblivion rather than culture of remembrance and emphasized that this project is trying to change that.

"Unfortunately, we do not talk enough about it and it should be done more at the institutional level. The youth should be educated more about it, to talk more about the great history of the Serbian people that is being forgotten", Jovanović said.

The documentary film "Guardian of Honor and Pride" has been translated into Greek and will be presented at the Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival in late October.

"We plan to present the film in the other European countries for the above-mentioned reasons, to show the sacrifice of the Serbian people and to educate the public with the character and work of Mihailović and the dedication of his entire family, which has been doing everything since 1926 to preserve our heroes who remained forever in Thessaloniki", Jovanović said.

For more than six decades, Đorđe Mihailović keeps watch over 8,000 mounds of Serbian soldiers on Zeitenlik who died in the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki front. /end/bo