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NOVI GRAD, SEPTEMBER 20 /SRNA/ - The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik announced that official talks between the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in the Council of Ministers Staša Košarac and the competent Croatian Minister regarding Trgovska Gora where Croatia intends to store radioactive waste.


Dodik said that it will be the result of his visit to Zagreb, but that he could not claim how it would be resolved, but only a step forward had been made.

"These days, the ambassador of BiH, who has not been received on that issue so far, will be admitted to the competent Croatian ministry, and then will be organized a meeting between Minister Košarac, who is engaged on this issue, with the competent authorities in Croatia", Dodik told reporters in Novi Grad.

Dodik pointed out that the representatives of the opposition do not know what topics were discussed during his visit to Zagreb, nor were they informed about it.

"They had the opportunity to do something. The first serious reaction was in March last year, when I, as the Chairman of the BiH Presidency, put this topic on the agenda of the Presidency and we adopted the conclusion that it is unacceptable, asked Croatia not to do that, asked for talks on that topic and if it is not possible then the process of international arbitration will be established", Dodik noted.

According to him, after that, they should have done something, but they did not, so there was almost no official meeting on the topic of Trgovska Gora.

Dodik mentioned that his visit to Croatia was successful because he has explained to the Croatian leadership how BiH functions.

"All the statements they gave show that they understood that. When that visit is capitalized, it means that we managed to explain to one political factor, important for the position of BiH, how the desecration of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the assimilation of people is happening here. That was primary and then we talked about the need for authorities` meeting about Trgovska Gora", Dodik said. /end/bo