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NOVI GRAD, SEPTEMBER 20 /SRNA/ - The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik stated that BiH is a captured country, mostly with the maximalist demands of Bosniak politics and cannot solve any serious problem.


Dodik stated that the Bosniak side is trying to impose the story of centralization or an attempt to be a decisive factor in everything through every, even minimal thing.

"That is reflected on the Border Police. Originally, BiH has only nine authorizations and one of them is migration. BiH has shown that it does not know how to manage them", Dodik told reporters in Novi Grad.

According to him, responsibility for this problem has just shifted from one level of authority to another so far.

"Now we can see what kind of catastrophe is in Una-Sana Canton, where 10,000 migrants are concentrated, who have very well understood the messages which coming from political Sarajevo - that they are in some way welcome there and a part of that political establishment of political Sarajevo think that they will stay there", Dodik stressed.

He pointed out that this is what conflicts with the interests of Serbs and Croats and because of that they had to have different approaches to that issue.

Dodik reiterated that the most important thing for political Sarajevo, in recent months, has been to put the BiH Armed Forces on the border, allegedly because of migrants and he said that this will not happen. /end/bo