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BANJA LUKA, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - Seven persons died, and 403 were infected with the coronavirus in Republika Srpska in the past 24 hours, the Institute of Public Health announced.


The deaths of five men and two women, middle-aged and elderly, were reported. According to the place of residence, two persons were from Banja Luka, and one each from Teslić, Gradiška, Brod, Laktaši and Šipovo.

736 samples were tested, and most of them were from Banja Luka, as many as 175.

The virus was also confirmed in 30 people from Gradiška, 22 from Bijeljina, 21 from Sokolac, 17 from Pale, 16 from Prijedor, 14 from East New Sarajevo, 12 from Mrkonjić Grad, 11 from Laktaši, 10 from Šipovo, and nine each from Kozarska Dubica. and Srbac, seven each from Kotor Varoš, Rogatica and Foča, six from East Ilidža, five from Trnovo, three from Kneževo, two each from Bratunac, Prnjavor, Srebrenica and Čelinac and one each from Višegrad, Vlasenica, Gacko, Doboj, East Stari Grad, Jezero, Kalinovik, Milići, Nevesinje, Novi Grad, Ribnik, Rudo, Čajniče and Šeković.

Those are 208 males and 195 females, of which 106 are younger, 260 are middle-aged and 37 are older.

The total number of hospitalized in Republika Srpska is 414, in the Republika Srpska University Clinical Center 168, and in general hospitals 244.

So far, 14,134 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Republika Srpska, and a total of 367 people have died. /end/bo