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SRNA News Roundup /I/ - October 25, 2020




BANJA LUKA, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - United Srpska President Nenad Stevandić talked with the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić and on that occasion thanked for the selfless and great help that Serbia sends to every city and municipality in the Republika Srpska.

BELGRADE, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - Mayors of Belgrade Zoran Radojičić and Banja Luka Igor Radojičić will sign a charter of town twinning tomorrow.

BANJA LUKA, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - Seven persons died, and 403 were infected with the coronavirus in Republika Srpska in the past 24 hours, the Institute of Public Health announced.


BELGRADE, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - Former detainee in "Silos" in Sarajevo Đorđo Šuvajlo hopes that the Report of the International Commission on the Suffering of Serbs in Sarajevo, which will be disclosed soon, will reveal the real truth about the crimes committed against the Serb people, which were not talked about, because everything was tried to be hidden by the displacement of witnesses around the world.


SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - 287 new patients with the coronavirus were registered in the Federation of BiH after testing 445 samples at the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo.


SARAJEVO, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - Those for whom gathering and conciliarity are not priorities in preserving the Republika Srpska, but disintegration and division, are doomed in advance, said the Speaker of the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly Nikola Špirić.

BANJA LUKA, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - The Executive Committee of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats /SNSD/ will suspend promotional activities and rallies within the "Gathering for Srpska" campaign for the upcoming local elections from Monday due to the worsened epidemiological situation in Republika Srpska and BiH.

PALE, OCTOBER 24 /SRNA/ - The Democratic Alliance /DEMOS/ Pale is suspending all pre-election rallies and other public gatherings within the pre-election campaign until further notice, because the epidemiological situation in this local community has suddenly worsened in the past period.

BANJA LUKA, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - The holder of the SDS councilor list in Banja Luka Slavko Grbić said that this party would advocate that the requests of citizens to the city administration be received under a code.


WISCONSIN, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - The US president's special envoy for the Belgrade-Priština dialogue Richard Grenell said that the American president Donald Trump will visit Serbia "after he wins the elections".


ZAGREB, OCTOBER 25 /SRNA/ - Croatia has today the largest number of people infected with the coronavirus - 2,421, as well as eight deaths, the National Civil Protection Headquarters announced.

SKOPJE, OCTOBER 24 /SRNA/ - Fourteen dead and 404 infected are new data on the coronavirus in North Macedonia. /end/bo