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BELGRADE, JANUARY 17 /SRNA/ - The Serb member and the Chairman of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik has stated that the icon he gave to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov did not belong to any institution of Ukraine or the church, and believes that behind the story is the altercation of Ukrainians with him, because of the statements on Crimea.


"They are asking us to return the icon, but they do not give any proof on the basis of which they demand it. If there is any paper, I will apologize and return the icon", Dodik said.

Dodik explained that one man, who is not even his acquaintance, and who lived in Russia for 25 years, told him that he had a family icon and that he was willing to return it to Russia.

Dodik repeated that the Directorate for Coordination of BiH Police Bodies had received information from the Interpol that there was no the demand for the icon and that Ukraine had been asked to provide information on whether it was claimed as missing, on the day Lavrov visited Sarajevo and received this gift.

"Until today, we have not received a confirmation. No state body in Ukraine is looking for that icon. Judicial proceedings have been initiated in Sarajevo, so we will wait for it to end", Dodik told Belgrade based daily newspaper "Politika".

According to him, it is not a relic that belonged to an institution of Ukraine or the church, which was under the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church.

He believes that behind it all is the altercation of Ukrainians with him, because he is known for his attitude that Russia has a natural right to govern Crimea, which he still believes. He added that Sarajevo cannot wait to open another judicial case as before, just to have something to "wave over their heads", which is a policy prepared for all Serbs.

Dodik noted that Sarajevo did not succeed in challenging the Republika Srpska Day, which celebrated January 9, nor will they succeed, because this date is a historical fact, just as Srpska adopted its constitution on February 28, 1992, all before the war in BiH.

"Serbs are celebrating January 9 and will continue to do so, just as Bosniaks will continue to challenge it unsuccessfully, trying to internationalize the anti-law of the BiH Constitutional Court, which does not make decisions based on facts and law, but makes politically motivated decisions out of its competencies", Dodik said.

He mentioned that the international community gathers in Sarajevo on March 1, although there are no Serbs there, most often no Croats. He stated that Serbs will continue to dispute that March 1, which speaks of BiH as an unfinished country, so it would be normal to "draw the line" and to tell that all this has failed.

According to him, January 9 was invented as a problem only to deal with the Serbs, because they knew that the Serbs would not give up.

"It would be like if the Americans gave up on July 4. Let the Americans move the holiday to July 5, so we will move to January 10", Dodik said. /end/bo