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BANJALUKA, FEBRUARY 27 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Željka Cvijanović tells SRNA that March 1 is not a national holiday in Srpska, nor do we perceive it as the day of BiH independence, because the day of statehood or independence of a state should be a day to gather, not to divide, a day that triggers positive emotions, not the one that is associated with killing and other horrors, as is the case with BiH.


Cvijanović points out that the BiH Constitutional Court, unfortunately, has many times worked in favour of political goals in BiH, not only regarding the holidays issue, but other things too, by creating rules, instead of protecting constitutionality, which in a way helped Republika Srpska understand all the traps intended for its disempowerment, as well as persistent humiliation.

She emphasizes that, when it comes to March 1, it will always associate with an illegitimate referendum held with the Serb people’s opposition, the brutal murder of a Serb wedding guest, the wounding of an Orthodox priest and the setting the Serb flag on fire in Sarajevo's Baščaršija, and with the fact that the murderers remained unpunished. This is exactly what announced the tragedy and horrors that followed during the war, but also the continuous distrust present during all these years after the war.

"If, for example, the international representatives keep saying they believe in coexistence, reconciliation, equality, but then persistently ignoring the position of some and trying to give legitimacy to what is not acceptable to all, then we can say that Republika Srpska has also learned a lesson ", the president of Srpska emphasized.

She assesses that all these are examples of double standards, but also the fan attitude of those who, if they are really friends of all peoples in BiH, should have a completely different approach to the needs and interests of all.

"What about the indulgence when it comes to March 1, or the chase led by Bosniak politicians and international representatives 'with a little help from friends from the BiH Constitutional Court' when it comes to January 9, or the attitude towards the victims, or the political decisions of that the difficult war time or everything that was ongoing in the post-war period that only meant taking away from Republika Srpska?

Everything is clear because a month after that, the civil war and the tragic conflict between the peoples in BiH broke out; what kind of holiday was it when it was the trigger for evil, suffering and permanent distrust," concluded Cvijanović. /end/vos