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BANJALUKA, September 4 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that he and Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the beginning of October.


"Upon return, we will open a motorway with /Serbian President Aleksandar/ Vucic. On October 5 we will open the Clinical Center in Istocno Sarajevo where the Serbian Government will donate several ambulances to our outpatient clinics, and will return to Banjaluka to hold a large party convention on the same day,” Dodik, who is also the president of the SNSD, told reporters.

He has said that a bridge in Foca which was destroyed by NATO will be opened in a few days and that a reconstructed hospital in Foca will also be opened.

Dodik has said that Srpska expects two important guests – the Governor of St.
Petersburg, Georgi Poltavchenko, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who “has a great reason for coming,” and that “an important guest from America” will also arrive.

He has said that he has no intention of commenting on statements by BiH Security Minister Dragan Mektic.

Dodik has said that it is the tactics of the opposition to invent things, and that the government responds to them, noting that the government has numerous results which speak of its work.

“Everyone showed their true colors in this time. They have little time to show who we are and we do not have to prove that they are bad and traitors since many things that they do show that this is true,” Dodik has said.

He has said that the opposition can talk whatever they want in the election campaign.

“We will not address their speculations. Let them say whatever they think is useful for their campaign. We will go among people, will show a motorway, a clinical center, a hospital in Istocno Sarajevo, we will open a hydro power plant, like we did today,” Dodik has said. /end/sg