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SARAJEVO, September 18 /SRNA/ - An attempt by Director of the Intelligence and Security Agency /ISA/ of BiH, Osman Mehmedagic, to legalize the proposal concerning representation costs of the Agency in the amount of BAM 120,000 has failed as it was not accepted at the last session of the Council of Ministers of BiH.


The documents in SRNA’s possession, signed by Mehmedagic, show that he submitted an initiative to the Council of Ministers for the adoption of the Rulebook on Amendments to the Rulebook on Representation Funds Use.

Mehmedagic’s proposal was previously supported by the Executive Intelligence Committee by the conclusion adopted at a session held on July 18, which SRNA also possesses. Chair of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, heads the Committee.

"The adoption of this rulebook would allow the increase of representation funds from the current BAM 60,000 to 120,000. The valid Rulebook approves BAM 60,000 for representation on annual basis, which proved to be insufficient for the costs of the ISA’s international cooperation," Mehmedagic wrote in the initiative.

Mehmedagic justifies it by a "growing cooperation trend" which, he says, "showed that the amount of BAM 60,000 is insufficient to finance the contacts between the ISA leadership and the Office for Cooperation with partner services, international organisations and local services and institutions."

He states that "in the conditions of globalisation, terrorism, organised crime and other types of threats, cooperation is imposed as a need for the implementation of security policy of each individual country, and so BiH."

"As co-operation takes place on the principle of reciprocity, the ISA assumes certain expenses in the implementation of these activities /hotel accommodation, travel expenses, meeting materials, catering services ... /", Mehmedagic claims.

The ISA director has also stated that "the ISA strictly takes care of cost rationalization", but, as he wrote, "increased international activity caused by an increased number of threats and challenges involves cooperation with an increasing number of partners, which leads to increased costs of the ISA".

The Rulebook on Representation Funds Use has so far determined the largest budget for representation of BAM 60,000 for the ISA in comparison to other agencies.

According to this Rulebook, the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies, the State Investigation and Protection Agency, the Border Police and the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH have BAM 35,000 each at their disposal for representation.

The largest annual representations are held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - in the amount of BAM 500,000, the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces - BAM 330,000 and the BiH Presidency - BAM 150,000. /end/vos