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BANJALUKA, September 18 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Interior Minister Dragan Lukac is a Serb hero and patriot who was and is fighting to preserve Republika Srpska, reads the press release by the Coordination of the Associations of Republika Srpska Army Elite Units sent to SRNA.


Over the statement given by Davor Dragicevic to federal media that Minister Lukac is a war criminal, as he says, the Coordination underlines that Dragan Lukac is a hero and a soldier whose wartime, as well as postwar time biography is clear, and that he was an example of an honorable Serb soldier.

"His war biography is pure. Dragan Lukac was our comrade who, together with us, defended the Serb people, children and centuries-old homes and who, as a young soldier, was wounded seven times, the consequences of which he is still suffering from today" it is underlined in a statement supported by the White Wolves Pale, Sekovici Guard, the Drina Wolves Zvornik, Panthers Bijeljina, Manda Unit Ugljevik, Pesa Special Unit Brcko and Wolves of Vucjak Prnjavor.

The Coordination of Republika Srpska Elite Units Associations says that any attack on their fellow comrade and hero, since the attacks on their fellow comrade, now the interior minister Dragan Lukac and the Srpska Interior Ministry keep happening for years, is the attack on the fatherland, which they were fighting for and many of them gave their lives and body parts for.

"Therefore, we tell everyone, including Davor Dragicevic, whose pain we fully understand, that we cannot and will not let anyone talk smack about those who participated in the creation of Republika Srpska without arguments," underline the members of these elite units that were active within the former of Republika Srpska Army.

The Coordination of Republika Srpska Army Elite Units Associations is going to stand against every threat against Republika Srpska, attacks and insults on its institutions, and will defend honorable and honest representatives of Srpska, such as Interior Minister Dragan Lukac, as they defended Republika Srpska during recent patriotic war. /end/vos