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ISTOCNO SARAJEVO, February 20 /SRNA/ - A Serb member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, says that military neutrality will definitely remain Republika Srpska’s position, whether someone likes it or not.


When asked by reporters in Istocno Sarajevo to comment on the statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that the West is putting pressure on the Balkan countries to become NATO members, Dodik said there was a constant insistence on it, and that the insistence itself is a pressure, because the positions are not respected.

"We receive messages on daily basis as if nothing is valid, as if we did not reach a consensus on this issue. Both the government and the opposition in Republika Srpska are united around the concept of military neutrality, no dissonant chords about it," Dodik noted.

He added that, however, some do not respect it, no matter for how long Republika Srpska has been talking about military neutrality policy implementation.

"Military neutrality definitely remains our position, whether someone likes it or not," Dodik said.

Commenting on the answers to the questions of the European Commission Questionnaire, Dodik said that he was informed that the answers would be affirmed at all levels of government in BiH by Friday, February 22, and that they could be sent to Brussels at that time.

He noted that Republika Srpska had fulfilled its obligations in this regard.

When asked by the reporters whether he had talked with SDA Leader Bakir Izetbegovic about the initiative to change the name of Republika Srpska, Dodik said he had asked Izetbegovic if he was serious.

"I asked if he was serious, he was just looking at me," Dodik said. /end/vos