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BANJALUKA, March 20 /SRNA/ - Constitutional law professor Mile Dmicic told SRNA that the appeal judgment handed down by the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals in The Hague, sentencing Radovan Karadzic, the first president of Republika Srpska, to life imprisonment, is a collapse of international law.


"The Hague Tribunal today confirmed itself as a manifestation of the arbitrariness of some of the world's power centres, while an obvious example of jeopardising the international legal order and opening up space for adventurous interpretation and trying happened today," Dmicic said.

He pointed out that, with the aim of law and justice, he expected a radical change to the first-instance judgment sentencing Karadzic to 40 years in prison in 2016.

"We were expecting an acquittal, but the world today witnessed the collapse of international law, as well as rights, freedoms, truth and justice credentials," Dmicic said.

Dmicic stressed that ICTY and the newly established International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals in The Hague have been instrumentalized since the very beginning as a tool of politics and power, not of law and justice, peace, reconciliation and forgiveness in the territory where tragic warfare was taking place.

He said that Karadzic was a legitimate and legal representative of Serbs in BiH, an engaged intellectual and prominent patriot, loyal to his people and aware that his people were threatened by others, including the international community.

Dmicic said that Karadzic was never for the killing of civilians, prisoners and their discrimination, and that he found him a genuine human being who took care of the peoples of all nationalities and religions.

"His documents are fully committed to the protection of the civilian population, their property and safety, as well as the establishment of the rule of law. There are no criminal, militaristic or genocidal elements in these documents," Dmicic emphasized.

He said that Karadzic must be seen as a caring and powerful father of the Serb freedom-loving people and their joint deed - Republika Srpska, adding that he is convinced that the first president of Srpska and the Serb people were on the right side of history.

The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals in The Hague today handed down the appeal judgment to the first Republika Srpska President Radovan sentencing him to life imprisonment.

The Karadzic trial began in October 2009, and a first-instance judgment was handed down on March 24, 2016, to which both the defence team and the prosecution appealed.

Karadzic was arrested in Serbia on July 21, 2008 and transported to the Hague Tribunal on July 30. /end/vos