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SARAJEVO, April 16 /SRNA/ - Upon orders from the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, members of the Federation of BiH Civil Defence Administration have been digging in Alipašino Polje in Sarajevo since Tuesday morning for the purpose of finding earthly remains of Serbs killed in the 1990s war, Milan Mandić, head of the Association of Sarajevo-Romanija Region Missing Persons’ Families, confirmed to Srna.


"The digging is done in the vicinity of the Radio and Television Centre according to tips from eyewitnesses who saw a huge hole dug there during the war, but do not know what happened later that day. The day after that, they saw a burnt Gras van driven to the spot and then they saw the van battered down with an excavator bucket, thrown into the hole and covered up with dirt. After that, medium-size locust trees were planted there,” said Mandić.

He recalls that during the last exhumation an amusement park was installed at the site, so it was not possible to do any digging then.

Mandić says the Civil Defence are preparing the field with a metal detector and that, according to the findings so far, the tips have proved true.

After checking the terrain, Mandić says minutes will be made of what has been found and that if evidence is found, acting prosecutor Vesna Ilić is then supposed to seek an exhumation order from the BiH Court.

"We are hoping to find all Serbs who went missing from Alipašino Polje, Čengić Vila, Nedžarići and other nearby locations where Sarajevo Serbs went missing,” emphasised Mandić.

The Association of Sarajevo-Romanija Region Missing Persons’ Families is still searching for around 180 missing Sarajevo Serbs. /end/ds