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BELGRADE, April 18 /SRNA/ - University professor Nenad Kecmanović said on Thursday that Republika Srpska has at least ten reasons why it does not want to join NATO and that it is hard to find at least one why it would want to join this alliance.


He cited the fact that the North Atlantic Alliance bombed Republika Srpska 20 years ago as one of the main reasons why most of its citizens do not want it to join NATO, that the consequences of the bombing with depleted uranium ammunition are still felt and that there are new victims due to radiation.

“The fact that we were bombed by NATO member states is not only in memories, but in our reality,” Kecmanović told reporters at sidelines of a forum titled “Why Srpska does not Want to Join NATO?” in Belgrade in which he is taking part.

Kecmanović says that making the formation of the authorities at the level of BiH conditional upon Srpska’s acceptance of the NATO Membership Action Plan /MAP/, which is a step away from membership in the Alliance, is another ultimatum which does not exist in a democratic world.

“You have routine decision-making in normal democratic associations, and as soon as representatives of one of the three constituent peoples voice their opposition to some issue, it is immediately removed from the agenda and postponed,” Kecmanović said.

He added that joining NATO would amount to a Stockholm syndrome – emotional identification with the enemy.

“Srpska does not have a single reason in favor of accession, and there are many reasons against, one of them being the fact that the Republika Srpska National Assembly adopted the Resolution on Military Neutrality which stipulates that it will not join any military alliance,” Kecmanović said.

He warned that accession of Republika Srpska to NATO would bring Serbs on the two banks of the River Drina to a front line, and that accession to the alliance is “a very expensive thing.”

Kecmanović said that in that case Serbs would be opposed to friendly Russia.

“For a long time, NATO has not been a defensive organization, but an offensive organization. Accession to the Alliance would mean that if we cannot prevent them from bombing us again, let us join them so that we together could bomb a third, also innocent, country,” Kecmanović said.

He feels that Srpska will not change its stance on NATO. /end/sg