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SREBRENICA, June 11 /SRNA/ - The Srebrenica Organisation of Captured and Fallen Serb Veterans and Missing Persons’ Families say they are witnessing a continuing belittling and ignorance of Serb casualties and a malicious attitude and offence of Serb victims’ families after the US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson on Monday visited the Memorial Centre in Potočari and expressed his regret for only the Bosniak victims.


The association in its press release on Tuesday condemns one-sided and biased statements made by Nelson, who never even mentioned the Serb casualties nor said he was sorry about several hundred Srebrenica Serb civilians killed in the 1990s war.

"We are openly asking him if he is upset by the killing of Serbs? Would he be honoured to pay tribute to the massacred Serbs? Would he like to know more about those killings? Why hasn’t he visited the Memorial Room in Srebrenica and why didn’t he meet with the killed Serbs’ families?” asks the organisation in connection with Nelson’s statement that he was “deeply moved by the suffering represented by the Memorial Centre in Potočari and honoured to pay respects to the victims of Srebrenca genocide”.

Saying that Nelson had said the United States remained committed to seeking justice for victims, the organisation wants to know whether the ambassador meant the victims of just one people and if he had gone there to spread discord and intolerance or whether he was willing to attend the marking of the suffering of Serbs in Podrinje too.

"If he is willing to bow to our casualties, to look our mothers and sisters in the eye, to hear their stories and about their own suffering, only then will we see some sign of progress,” reads the press release.

The Srebrenica Organisation of Captured and Fallen Serb Veterans and Missing Persons’ Families say they will send Nelson an invitation for the commemoration to Serbs killed in Podrinje, and do not want him to delegate some lower ranking officials.

"If he does not respond, we will believe that both him and his predecessors are here only to encourage those who want to destroy Republika Srpska and its foundations. Those foundations are our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who gave their lives so the Serbs on the left bank of the Drina could live free. The only warranty of such freedom is Republika Srpska which we will never give up,” say the families of fallen and missing Serb veterans and civilians from Srebrenica. /end/dš