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BANJALUKA, June 18 /SRNA/ - The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik said at the end of his three-day visit to Hungary that Republika Srpska is now understood by the West regarding the policy of protection of Republika Srpska and the Serbian people in BiH.


“The protection of Republika Srpska and our people in BiH is the foundation of our policy. We did not have collocutors in the West regarding it, but now we can say with certainty that this has changed and that we are understood,” Dodik said on Tuesday after his visit to Hungary where he met with Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban.

He says Orban believes that future EU policy will be directed towards stabilizing and strengthening the concept of member states and not towards disempowering them and having them lose their sovereignty.

“Orban and his party are seeking partners in this matter, and there are increasingly more of them in Europe. He believes in the EU, but not in the present concept which led to having Europe make problems, and not, like before, resolve them,” Dodik said.

According to him, the policy of preserving the sovereignty and respect for the state and people, which is being carried out by Orban, is recognizable in Hungary, and Republika Srpska officials are doing the same thing.

Dodik says that Orban clearly said that relations with BiH should be reinforced through greater cooperation with Republika Srpska, to which Hungary will pay much more attention.

He says that he and Orban discussed ways of implementing this cooperation.

Dodik expressed satisfaction with his meeting with Orban, adding that talks were open and that they agreed to establish good cooperation.

He says that it is very important that Serbia and Hungary resolved their relations in a way to provide support to national minorities, which contributed to relaxing overall relations.

“Orban says this is a foundation for establishing good relations with Republika Srpska and the continuation of cooperation with Sarajevo,” Dodik said.

He reminded of the continuity of Orban’s election victories since 2006, and of the fact that he came into power when Hungary was in a very difficult situation.

“Orban inherited the situation in which Hungary was facing bankruptcy, but they underwent difficult reforms and today the Hungarian economy is one of the four growing economies in the EU. Hungary has recorded the continuity of growth and a fall in the unemployment rate. All this is the result of a responsible policy of Victor Orban who did not hesitate to undertake necessary measures to the benefit of the state of Hungary,” Dodik said. /end/sg